Know benefits of Guided Mantra Chanting Program

Know the benefits of Guided Mantra Chanting Program

The Guided Mantra Chanting Program is the newest, most convenient and most effective way of Mantra chanting. The Program is a step by step guide for beginners and advanced people alike.

Times have changed, and we recognize that. That is why the Guided Mantra Chanting Program has transformed for YOU. Through its audio files, your chanting gets back on the right track.

  • Yes, you can learn how to pronounce your mantras correctly.
  • Yes, you will learn how to do chanting the right way. 
  • Yes, any place can be suitable for your chanting.
  • And yes, you can do it very well, even without a guru but with help of this program.
  • It will reduce distraction and help you to get full confidence and faith in chanting.
  • This program gives you amazing and quick result.

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How The Guided Mantra Chanting Program Will Help You

At Ideal Mantra, we know it is very difficult to learn Mantra chanting without a Guru, but nowadays it is almost impossible to find the right Guru. Here, we designed the program to teach you about chanting Mantras in the same way that you would be taught if you had a Guru. With the help of this program, you can learn chanting in an effective way, similar to if you had a Guru to learn from.


Trying to learn the correct chanting techniques without guidance a Guru is very difficult and because pronunciation is so important for reaping all of the benefits of the Mantras, many people who do not try to learn the proper techniques will not experience the powerful effects of the Mantras. You have to follow many rules, have deep concentration, dedication, time (separately), effort, hard work and many other things you may not know about yet to get the full benefits of Mantra chanting. When you use this program, you will not have to worry about any of these difficulties, as it is all explained for you.


In this Guided Mantra Chanting Program you will learn Mantra chanting step by step. We guide you and give instructions to you via audio as if you were learning chanting techniques from a Guru. Here we also include concentration and meditation techniques in this program, so that you can concentrate more on the Mantra.


The Program allows you to chant the Mantra anytime, anywhere you want. Simply use your mobile phone, gadget, or any computer to play your mantra chanting files. Do it whenever you have time, and whenever you are in an ideal meditation area. It takes just few minutes. It’s that easy & convenient.


We Guarantee that The Guided Mantra Chanting Program will greatly increase the effectiveness of your chanting. You will feel relaxed, healed, and stress free! It will remove all the restlessness from your body and fill it up with inner peace.


By listening to the program, you will no longer be bothered with any distractions, a lack of concentration, faith, focus or any mental chatter during even prolonged chanting sessions. This will allow you to be much more effective with your chanting and get your desired results. This is your Mantra chanting; you should be in control. Our product will give you back that control. 


  • It helps you to chant the proper way, ensuring maximum benefits.
  • It helps beginners and advanced users to go through their meditations smoothly.
  • It allows you to access to the best mantra sound files ever produced.
  • It can be used with all of your gadgets conveniently.
  • It removes your distractions, both within and outside of you.
  • It helps you to manage your time well with its fast guidance.
  • All together, the Guided Mantra Chanting Program will help you to get the most out of your chanting, ensuring that your pronunciation is correct so you can experience the Mantra’s powerful effects on your life.


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