Guided Mantra Chanting Program For Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Maximize And Reap All Of The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Chanting Benefits Instantly!

The Guided Mantra Chanting Program is the newest, most convenient and most effective way of Mantra chanting. The Program is a step by step guide for beginners and advanced people alike.

Times have changed, and we recognize that. That is why the Guided Mantra Chanting Program has transformed for YOU. Through its audio files, your chanting gets back on the right track.

  • Yes, you can learn how to pronounce your mantras correctly.
  • Yes, you will learn how to do chanting the right way. 
  • Yes, any place can be suitable for your chanting.
  • And yes, with the help of this program you can learn to chant like an expert, even without a Guru with you.
  • It will reduce distraction and help you to get full confidence and faith in chanting.
  • We guarantee that this program will give you quick and amazingresults.

The Guided Mantra Chanting Program For Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

the guided mantra chanting programDuration: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Music By: Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Album: Guided Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Chanting Program

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This Program Is Very Different To Any Others You Would Find On The Internet. How?

It has World Class Audio

This program utilizes binaural beats meditation audio. It’s augmented with heartbeat synchronization, so the beats of the file coincide with the beats of your heart and your breathing as well.

The sound synchronizes with your mind, body, and soul. Thus, it places your body in the proper state of meditation. Get in the zone quicker, and you reap the Mantra benefits sooner.

The sound enhances deeper concentration, allowing your mind to relax faster and deeper.


The recording allows for free chanting and does not follow any strict rules.

However, we do offer some recommendations to maximize the effects of the Mantras:

Mantra chanting is very effective if the duration of each tone is fixed and one should chant the mantra according to the swara with each syllable stressed to the required extent, and each tone (for the corresponding syllable) chanted for that duration.

Do not worry about this complicated rule – on this program, we have made it easy for you to follow this as we record the Mantra with the right duration so you can simply follow the recording for perfect technique!

Required stress and pronounced – 

Chanting should not be done like singing, or like reading. It should not be recited fast. On this program you will chant each syllable properly with the required stress and pronounced with clarity.

Chanting must not be done without 100% faith and heart – it should not sound like you are reading from a script.

This program follows these rules –

  • Swara or intonation of each syllable
  • Matra or duration of uttering each syllable
  • Balam or stress on each syllable
  • Saama or the balance of chanting (the tune of entire mantra)
  • Santana or the spacing of words

The Guided Mantra Chanting Program Is Divided into 3 Simple Steps


Step 1 will show give you the foundations for chanting, such as how to chant & how to use Mantras with  the guided meditation and binaural beats meditation audio.


Start chanting – 108 recitation of Mantra. We will add here the binaural beats meditation audio with mined tones

STEP 3  

Here you will learn how to absorb the enormous power from your Mantra chanting. This is when you will really begin to feel different, more positive and powerful.



How The Guided Mantra Chanting Program Will Help You

At Ideal Mantra, we know it is very difficult to learn Mantra chanting without a Guru, but nowadays it is almost impossible to find the right Guru. Here, we designed the program to teach you about chanting Mantras in the same way that you would be taught if you had a Guru. With the help of this program, you can learn chanting in an effective way, similar to if you had a Guru to learn from.


Trying to learn the correct chanting techniques without guidance a Guru is very difficult and because pronunciation is so important for reaping all of the benefits of the Mantras, many people who do not try to learn the proper techniques will not experience the powerful effects of the Mantras. You have to follow many rules, have deep concentration, dedication, time (separately), effort, hard work and many other things you may not know about yet to get the full benefits of Mantra chanting. When you use this program, you will not have to worry about any of these difficulties, as it is all explained for you.


In this Guided Mantra Chanting Program you will learn Mantra chanting step by step. We guide you and give instructions to you via audio as if you were learning chanting techniques from a Guru. Here we also include concentration and meditation techniques in this program, so that you can concentrate more on the Mantra.


The Program allows you to chant the Mantra anytime, anywhere you want. Simply use your mobile phone, gadget, or any computer to play your mantra chanting files. Do it whenever you have time, and whenever you are in an ideal meditation area. It takes just few minutes. It’s that easy & convenient.


We Guarantee that The Guided Mantra Chanting Program will greatly increase the effectiveness of your chanting. You will feel relaxed, healed, and stress free! It will remove all the restlessness from your body and fill it up with inner peace.


By listening to the program, you will no longer be bothered with any distractions, a lack of concentration, faith, focus or any mental chatter during even prolonged chanting sessions. This will allow you to be much more effective with your chanting and get your desired results. This is your Mantra chanting; you should be in control. Our product will give you back that control. 

  • It helps you to chant the proper way, ensuring maximum benefits.
  • It helps beginners and advanced users to go through their meditations smoothly.
  • It allows you to access to the best mantra sound files ever produced.
  • It can be used with all of your gadgets conveniently.
  • It removes your distractions, both within and outside of you.
  • It helps you to manage your time well with its fast guidance.
  • All together, the Guided Mantra Chanting Program will help you to get the most out of your chanting, ensuring that your pronunciation is correct so you can experience the Mantra’s powerful effects on your life.



There is no better time to get your Mantra chanting right again. If you, like others, have found that your Mantra is not giving you the effects you want, this is an opportunity to correct your chanting technique and to reap all the benefits of your Mantra. Gone are the days when you can’t meditate by yourself. Teach yourself to be independent. Your body and mind need the rest and focus to recharge – get exactly that through the Guided Mantra Chanting Program.

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The biggest reasons why Mantra is not working and is not effective for you

There are many reasons why your Mantra may not be working or takes too much time to show any results.

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Wrong pronunciation is the biggest reason for mantras’ failure.

Other reasons include:

    • You do not know how to chant.


    • You don’t have enough time to do Mantra chanting.


    • You can’t find a suitable place for chanting.


    • You have a lack of guidance from a trained Guru (Master).


    • You suffer from distractions and a lack of focus.


    • You have a lack of concentration and faith.


  • You are experiencing mental chatter and physical restlessness

We have made this program with the experience of expert guided meditation masters and mantra chanting experts. This is a proven formula. This program is not made by any normal person. Guided meditation masters and some mantra chanting experts have made this program with their knowledge and expertise. 

You may not know how to chant, how to pronounce the Mantras, where to give stress in the words, where to stop or how to use sound of Mantra but our experts do know and you will find all the answers in this program.

We believe that $6.99 is a great price for this program when you consider how much time was spent in researching, finding experts and recording in the sound studio!

For just $6.99, you can get the benefits that people get when they spend hundreds of dollars on Meditation classes, Mantra products like Yantra, Ranta, Gemstones, Rosaries and Rings. You don’t have to spend a lot to experience the benefits of Mantras.

Many forget this, but when we properly chant Mantras, we do not need anything else. In this program, you will get everything you need to do your Mantra chanting the correct way and with guided meditation. 

We believe that the real cost of this program should be higher as guided meditation is worth $20 and the relaxation mediation worth $20, but at Ideal Mantra our goal is to help you and we don’t want our program to be above the price range for any of our followers. Paying only $6.99 is nothing compared to the benefits you will receive.  You will get many things for free in this program such as guided meditation and relaxation mediation which will increase your concentration, and benefit you alongside all of the Mantra benefits. You have nothing to lose in this deal.

There is no risk to purchasing our products. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy with all our products. That means that if you are not happy with your purchase just let us know within 10 days, and we will promptly give you a refund, no questions asked.


Get Your Program Now And Start Improving Your Life!

The Guided Mantra Chanting Program

This program is your best friend for Mantra chanting. It will give you all the tools to benefit from your Mantra chanting. We know you will be very happy with the results. You have nothing to lose!





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