Understand the concept of Om chanting?

Why should you chant “Om”?

Do you want to cleanse your body, mind and soul?

Are you suffering from anxiety, stress or aggression?

If restless thoughts are disrupting your mind and you are looking for a way to relax your senses, “Om” is the cure for your mental ailments and the solution for all your problems.

It will give you the solace you are seeking.

Dear friend, even as I begin telling you about “Om”, I can feel pure, healing energy flowing through me, and I wish that you could experience it too.

OM is the sound of universe. When it is recited more than one time, it can be said as “OM chanting”. It is a simple and easy mantra that has been adopted and accepted around the world in different countries and culture.

Chanting “Om” in a particular manner allows the mantra to activate and completely energize your physical, mental and spiritual being.

The Three Easiest and Most Effective method of “Om” Chanting

how to chant om

I would like to tell you about the ways you can perform the Om chants most effectively.

You will find that chanting “Om” in the correct manner will begin your journey towards spiritual awakening and impart knowledge and wisdom.

First method

The simplest way to begin chanting “Om” is ensuring a clear, trouble-free mind. You must sit in a position that is comfortable, and make sure no one disturbs you.

Take a deep breath and relax. Do this twice.

Take two short breaths and say AUM (or OM). Try to say A from the abdomen, U from the throat, and M with closed lips.

Stretch these syllables for as long as you can. Repeat this seven times and feel the peaceful silence and positive vibrations that will envelope you.

You will begin to feel much calmer and one with the universe.

Second method

You can chant Om using a number of other breathing patterns too.

You can take deep breaths (instead of the short breaths mentioned in 1.) and say Om when exhaling. You can chant Om when inhaling and enjoy the peaceful silence upon exhale.

Saying Om with your regular inhale-exhale breathing pattern is also acceptable.

Remember to observe a few minutes of silence after the chants to experience true oneness with the Universe.

Third Method

Explore the conscious, sub-conscious and inner recesses of your mind when chanting Om. Here, with each syllable of Aum(OM), you should shift focus deeper and deeper within your own self.

When chanting Aaa, focus on your surroundings on a conscious level.

When you progress to Uuu, move your focus inwards to yourself, concentrate on how you interact with your environment and your immediate thoughts.

Finally, as you say Mmm, travel to your subconscious, go to the space where you store your memories and worries.

After this intense chant, observe silence for a few minutes and feel the energy flowing through all states of consciousness.

How Can You Make Om Chanting Most Effective?

With the basic outline above, you will begin to see positive changes in your home and work life.

However, I wish to tell you a little more about how you can maximise your benefits from the ancient and mystical Om.

With my help, I hope your life is made even better, and God grants all that you seek from Him.

  • Keep the faith, and chant Om dedicatedly to get the best results.
  • You do not have to chant out loud – Om chanting can be done in the mind too.
  • When you have selected a particular breathing and chanting pattern – stick with it! Do not change pronunciation halfway through, and do not take unnecessary breaks when chanting.
  • Taking a deep breath and chanting slowly can be very effective.
  • Don’t just SAY “Om”, feel it! When chanting, don’t just repeat the words, find the rhythm that you are most comfortable with, and allow the silence to fill you with energy.
  • Try to clear your mind of worries and stress when chanting.
  • Your face should be relaxed, with a neutral or happy expression.

Benefits of Om Chanting:

Dear friend, I hope that you will perform this chant with dedication and concentration, and I pray for your great and continuous success.

Let me tell you about what you stand to gain with this chant. I hope you will also share your experiences with Om chanting with us in the comments below.

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Cleanses the organs, nerves and muscles
  • Expands your aura
  • Improves memory, preserves memories in old age
  • Provides a stronger, more confident voice
  • Relaxes your mind and relieves stress
  • Gives you healthier hair and clear skin
  • Provides one solution to your many problems
  • Boosts your inner peace and happiness
  • Uplifts your soul and increases your spirituality.

Precautions to Take When Om Chanting:

  • Try to be as comfortable and relaxed before you begin chanting to truly increase your spirituality.
  • Keep your face neutral or happy when chanting to gain confidence and beauty – anxiety on your face when chanting can make you look harsh.
  • Keep the faith – it is all about dedication, so remember to concentrate and believe in Om when chanting it.
  • Believe in what you chant – simply saying “Om” will yield no positive results.
  • The silence is just as important as the chant, so enjoy the cosmic energy after your prayers.

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