How do I identify Rahu Mahadasa?

Namaste friend! Do you know how to identify if you are suffering from the Rahu Mahadasa? If you don’t, let me help you!

Here are the signs of this Mahadasa that can help you recognize the good and bad things happening with your life.

You may be surprised to find out that there are good signs for it too! Okay, when you face illusions and obstacles, heartbreaks and marital problems, financial loss or unexplained issues, you may be suffering from the transit.

Find below the bad signs and symptoms of the Rahu Mahadosha:

  • Suddenly, your peaceful and happy life is disrupted.
  • Your family members are constantly fighting and having problems.
  • You suddenly become rude and mean, and start committing offences in your personal and professional life.
  • Your well-wishers begin wishing ill of you.
  • You suffer from abortions, miscarriages, or your child is sick and unhealthy.
  • You see unexpected financial loss, loss of property, theft, loss of income and other natural disasters.
  • Your home is suddenly breaking down and in need of big repairs and maintenance.
  • Whether your house is old or new, you have many pests like mosquitoes, lizards, and ants, etc. that do not leave even if you try.
  • Vehicles and other amenities start breaking down or get stolen.
  • You suddenly become extravagant and getaway by your desires.
  • You lose interest in prayers and religion.
  • You suffer from Vaastudosha, where your neighbourhood is empty or dangerous, or water outlets are damaged.

Contrastingly, here are the good signs and symptoms of the Rahu Mahadosha:

  • You notice a sudden influx of wealth.
  • Sudden rise in your personal income.
  • Improvement in your spiritual life.
  • You unexpectedly gain promotions in your professional life.
  • Sudden good events like marriage, foreign travel and emigration start happening.
  • You gain from trade and have better intuition and public life.

Bad effects of Rahu Mahadasa in your life 

When he becomes negative in your kundli then, he makes your life terrible during that period. He is the north node of the moon and responsible for eclipses, astrologically called “Chandra Grahan yoga.” Moon planet rules your mind, so he commands your mind outward projection, leads you towards totally confused state of mind.

The intangible control of his, fall you in delusion with the voracious curiosity and constant chasing to attain material gains. He brings confusion, depression and emotional imbalance of your mind.

Good effects of Rahu Mahadasa in your life

The positive Rahu in your birth chart makes your life full with the name, fame, wealth, comfort and some magical powers. He gives you, power to gain sudden wealth and fame.


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