Rahu Remedies That Can Save
You From the Rahu Mahadasa

Namaste, friends! Today we want to tell you about some Rahu Remedies. All these remedies are proven to be effective and reduce the effect of the mahadasa (Rahudosa).

We learned these remedies from our Guru, and use them ourselves. We have even taught our friends and family who have been affected by the transit.

Friends, if you want to reduce the negative effects of the Rahudosa, just follow these steps to make sure you suffer no more. You can get immediate relief from Rahu’s negativity by following the steps and actions below.

1. Read The First Chapter Of Durga Saptasati

To pacify the shadow planet, you should read the first chapter of Durga Saptasati. You can chant the Argala, Stotram or Kilak Mantra if your marital life is especially affected.

If you are suffering from the 18 years of the Mahadasa, you should pray to Goddess Durga/Mahakali and Lord Hanuman. This prayer will enhance your sixth sense or intuition. Do not give up – patience and devotion is the key to overcoming this transit.

2. Chant The Rahu Beej Mantra

Rahu mantra for remedies

You can chant this Mantras 108 times daily. During the transit, chanting the Mantra 18000 times in 40 days will give you great relief. Chanting will clear your life path and grant you wisdom. Offer raat-ki-rani or mogra flowers when praying to Rahu. You can even chant during solar and lunar eclipses for enhanced benefit.

3. Pray To Kaal Bhairav, A Form Of Lord Shiva

You can pray to Kaal Bhairav to reduce any negative effects. It is believed that he solves the most painful problems in one’s life. Like Rahu, Bhairav has eight manifestations. When prayed for Rahudosha, you will get immediate relief from the harmful and negative forces of this planet. 

When praying to get relief from the shadow planet, Lord Shiva can be easily pleased by performing puja, offering flowers, coconut, sindoor, mustard oil, and black sesame seeds. You can even perform the Rudra Abhishek on Mondays by offering water and milk to Shivlinga, or chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra at least 324 times a day.

4. Wear 8-faced Rudraksha For Rahu Remedies

He has eight manifestations. So 8 faced Rudraksha is the ruling this planet. Immediate relief is found when you wear this jewellery. This also represents Lord Ganesha. Wearing this Rudraksha will please Lord Ganesha, who will protect you from him and grant you peace and stability of mind.

5. Fast On Saturdays

Rahu is a friend of the deprived, an ally of Saturn (Shani) and the enemy of the Sun (Surya). He helps Shani when placed in the same house of Saturn. You should fast on Saturday and only eat after sunset. Remember to eat meals with no onion and garlic.

6. Donate Black And Blue Offerings

He is the lord of the blue expanse of the sky. You can reduce his negativity by donating black urad dal, coconut, and black/blue blankets to the poor, orphans, the disabled and lepers (people suffering from leprosy (kustrogi).

Financial losses due to the Mahadasa can be stopped by donating coconuts, used clothes and other useful items to the poor on Wednesday evenings. You can also give moongdals to cows, sugar to ants, eggs (but not milk) to snakes and food to crocodiles to limit unexpected financial losses.

7. Products For Rahu Remedies

He is a period of mental suffering. You should bathe with guggal in bathing water and chant his beej Mantra during your bath. Finally, bathe with clean water and arouse your interest in prayer and other spiritual activities.


To put Rahu remedies simply, when you suddenly start suffering from an unexpected rise or falls in reputation, financial status, health, personal or professional life, then you are being influenced by him.


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