Achieving Fulfillment In Life Through A Commitment To Self

By: Tanya Lesiuk   

Are you seeking a more enriched life but are struggling to find the way to obtain true fulfilment so you can reach your highest desires? The process to fulfillment begins with making a commitment to self. For many, focusing inward and putting themselves first is a task that is easier said than done. Learning how to make space and time to commit to yourself is not only an important part of self development but is a critically essential piece to living a fulfilled life and it should be made a priority.

What Doese It Mean To Commit To Ourselves? 

When we commit to self, we are giving ourselves permission to focus in on our core values first and foremost. We allow ourselves to ensure we are meeting our needs before giving our energy to another.  Simply put, a commitment to self is one in which we make an agreement to honor, respect, and care for ourselves in a nurturing and loving way.

Why Do We Struggle With Committing To Self?

The practice of putting ourselves first is an extremely natural behaviour and in centuries past, essential for survival of the species. Now-a-days, when we take care of ourselves first, we’re often called selfish, or are accused of acting out of selfishness. The belief that we can only give to ourselves after we have given to others first is a mindset belief that is shifting. Serving others before serving ourselves, may have been the traditional way of thinking but we’ve all become a bit wiser over the years and have learned that  in order to serve anyone we must make sure that our cup is full first.

So, how do we start committing to self? It’s quite simple and it starts with acknowledging where we fall short in our commitment to self. It’s often helpful to ask yourself the following questions in order to help determine where your internal work need to begin.

Are you making a commitment to you each and every day? 

  • Do you reward yourself at the beginning of a busy week?
  • Are you kind to your need for alone time?
  • Do you ask yourself how you feel throughout the day?
  • Are you your first priority?

If you answered NO to any of the above, there may be some key areas in your relationship wth yourself that need to be addressed.

How To Begin A Commitment to Self

When we truly enter into a relationship with ourselves,  vowing to put ourselves first, we take the initial step in becoming aware and conscious of our needs. We start to built a connection, deeply routed in our personal discovery of our deepest desires. The best way to begin this relationship is by taking time and making space to get to know what exactly it is that we need.

Making Time 

Time for self care is so important. When we commit to self, we need to go through the actions of caring for not only our mind but our body as well. Whether it be making time to go to a weekly yoga practice, heading out to the gym, or simply making time to cook a healthy meal, all of these are vital proceses to nurturing our commitment to self.

Making Space 

Reflection requires for us to clear space in our minds and eliminate distractions from our environment that can cause us to go off track. Internal reflection helps us connect more deeply with ourselves and allows us to focus on what brings us joy and what leaves us lacking. When we isolate these areas, we are able to find more fulfilment in our lives.

Still not sure exactly how you can begin your commitment to self? … Here’s a few of our top suggestions to get you started, including some mindset shifts  you can make and practices that can be incorporated into your day.

Mindset Shifts

  • Understand and truly believing that putting yourself first is not an act of selfishness. Recognizing who should always come first is an important piece to the self development puzzle.
  • Believing that we are worthy of care just as much as those we care for.


  • Calm the mind and focus inward with a meditation practice. Using mantras and chants are helpful ways to create calm and intention.
  • Journal – Think Gratitude, Manifesting, etc.
  • Treat yourself to a Sunday self care ritual before the start of your week. Once you’ve mastered this, make daily rituals for self care.

In the end, the best way to commit to yourself is by defining what exactly this means to you. Once you have done this, you will be more successful in reaching the enriching and fulfilling life you’ve always desired. We must remember that the answer to true happiness, joy, fulfilment and to achieving our highest desires, all starts with looking within. It is the relatinship and commitment we have with oursleves that will propel us forward.