Chant the Beej Mantras to Bring
Success and to Illuminate Your Life!

Seed or Beej Mantras are not just monosyllabic chants that create a rhythmic effect of an aura around you. But they also solve myriad problems in your life, if you can concentrate, have faith upon the Mantras and consider them to be part of your life.

The real story of my life: something better than the ‘reel-life story

My grandmother had almost been paralyzed with an unnamed disease whose source could not be diagnosed, and no medicine were enough to make her recuperate. So our last resort were the Beej Hymns, which helped her to recover, get back her property that was undergoing a dispute, and also, her daughter-in-law gave birth to a healthy baby.

For better results, the Durga Beej chant ‘doom’ was uttered by everyone. In short, my household was filled with greenery, abundance, and virtues once more. If you have real and undiluted faith, these Mantras can work like miracles for you. Just like it worked for my grandmother…with tears in her eyes, she used to sit beside the altar of Devi Durga, and went on chanting …

Beej Mantra to find your soul mate:

Our lives are fraught with difficulties, and these Mantras can provide a complete relief from most of these problems. If you have a marriageable daughter, and her marriage is not getting solemnized. Then regular chanting can have an astounding effect on her life, and she will get the desired man in her life, along with the blessings of the Almighty.

How to avoid untimely pangs of death?

Kaal Beej Mantra can help you to save your family members from the cases of untimely deaths. Chanting of this Mantra can help to create a protective bastion against the evil powers of premature death.

Money is the root of all sufferings: but we crave for it the most!

Financial problems can hamper our normal lifestyles, and for that also, the Beej Hymns for receiving money can be of great help. If someone meditates straight from the depth of the heart while chanting, then the Beej Mantras for Yaksha and Kinnar can shower them with the blessings of wealth to receive more and more money.

For satisfying Lord Kuber, it if we chant ‘dham’ then we shall not be deprived of his monetary blessings. Goddess Laksmi is also considered to be the goddess of wealth, and she bestows us with all her blessings if we chant ‘Shreem’.

Planetary revolution and the effect of Beej Hymns: are they interconnected?

It is often told that belief and true dedication can allow you to have the full benefit of them. We all know that the planets revolve around the Sun, and the Sun is the source of all energy and positive reflections on the earth. Whether it is Lord Brahma or Lord Vishnu or Goddess Kali or Goddess Lakshmi, you will find that each of the Beej chants touches the internal core of your heart.

After some days of chanting them, you can realize a close interconnection between you and the entire world. If you believe that God has some magical powers, and these Mantras are the perfect soul-enhancers for you, then you can definitely try to test the life functions in your daily achievements and life-struggles. ‘Hleem’ is for Goddess Bagalamukhi.

I am discussing some of the Seed Mantras which can enable you to visualize your life in a new light. Just remember that only you can create a new ray of hope for yourself. The internal power is within you. Only you need to nurture it:

  • The Deva Beej Mantras will bestow with the divine blessing of all Devas.
  • Goddess Durga helps you to triumph over all the obstacles in your life if you chant the Durga Beej Hymn.
  • Self-protection and the ability to remain safe is very complicated task. But if you can invite the divine powers with the help of the Bhargava seed Mantra, then you can stay safe in the entire brahmanda or the world.
  • The Shakti hymn is extremely convenient for you to become victorious over all the major elements like fire, earth, air, water, and the firmament. You can easily set your enemies on the back track. Goddess Kali one of the manifestations of Shakti or power, and uttering and understanding the finer aspects of the mantra ‘kreem’ will help us to achieve our strongest potential ever possible.
  • The Narasimha Seed Hymn can help you to get rid of unnecessary emotional disturbances and conflicts, and you can attain a profound mental peace by going deep into the essence of this mantra ‘kshraum’.

Any Beej Mantra can only work fruitfully if you are dedicated to it. As human beings, we all have our limitations, but we should never neglect the streak of optimism which can help us to gain knowledge about life, and get rid of all perilous situations. Learn the essence of these Mantras. You will never have to look back!


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