There is nothing more important that health in this world. If there is no health then there is no wealth or happiness. According to ancient Tibetan medicine, Baisajyaguru was the first doctor who introduced mantra meditation for healing sicknesses in patients. Also known as Medicine Buddha he’s the king of Lapiz Lazuli, the blue gemstone that has healing properties. Lapiz Lazuli is ideal to open up the third eye chakra for free flow of energy within us. According to astrology Lapiz Lazuli is associated with the sun signs of Taurus and Sagittarius. Not only Tibetans even the Chinese worship Medicine Buddha besides Shakyamuni and Amitabha Buddha.

‘Baisajya’ means to cure/heal and ‘guru’ means master. Hence the name Baisajyaguru means the master who cures.

According to Buddhism, chanting the mantra of Medicine Buddha will help you to heal from within as well as cure from illness like arthritis, cold, cough, fever and other ailments. Medicine Buddha also has the power to neutralize your past bad karma and shower you with good fortune and lead you on the path to enlightenment. The healing blue light enters your body (while you’re chanting/ meditating) and purifies and heals you from all sicknesses. You’re filled with positivity and optimism as there is free flow of energy throughout your body.

Baisajyaguru is depicted in sitting position wearing three robes. In his left hand he’s holding a jar of lapis nectar/medicine (amritam) and in his right hand he’s holding a healing fruit (myrobalan). Color blue is associated with Baisajyaguru and he’s sitting on the lotus cushion with the moon providing halo to his form. All Buddhist deities and their imagery are manifestations of different facets of consciousness within the very same emptiness. The aura of Baisajyaguru captivates you and the myrobalan fruit that he holds in his hand is used in Indian and Tibetan medicine even today.

Baisajyaguru attained Samadhi uttering these words/ dharani that are used to heal sufferings of people. The last line of his Dharani is chosen to be chanted as mantra.


Meaning – Oh blessed one, the master of healing, the king of radiance, the worthy one, the awakened one, Oh healer, the great healer.

Visualize the Medicine Buddha while chanting to receive his grace and empower to cleanse your body and mind of all negativity. The healing blue light enters your body through the crown and heals from within filling you with light and glow. Your body is impermanent. It is the mind that matters. Mind has the potential to create karma for you beyond this lifetime as well. The medicine of Dharma has to be drunk to understand the beauty of life and beyond. The awakening will lead you to meditate and achieve peace and calm. The positive emotions that permeate you while chanting the Baisajyaguru mantra can heal you of all the negative feelings and illnesses and help you to seek enlightenment. It envelops you with positive emotions enabling you to appreciate the beauty of life and beyond.