All-In-One Devi Mantra

In order to choose one of the most effective and powerful Devi Mantra, you will have to list down your requirements. What do you want?

Do you want your children to study or are you studying yourself? Do you want money? Do you want power?

Do you want fame, and then my dear friend there is only one simple and easy Mantra which suffices all your requirements?


Here is All-in-one Mantra which is capable to fulfill all your heart desires. Only you need to change  your japa form for different wishes. 

Here is Mantra-

mantra of devi

Similarly you can change your form of Japa with your requirement. Such as if you want education or knowledge you can chant

mantra of durga

In the same way for money

mantra for money and grandeur

All-in-one solution Devi Mantra

As mentioned above, my friend I can call this Mantra an all in one solution Mantra as one can change the requirement and see his/ her faith in goddess in the form of what they want from her.

Similarly you can change words such as kshudha (hunger), lajja (chastity) before Reuben (रूपेण) and chant mantra to get the desired benefits.

Reasons why you should choose this Mantra

  • The main reason for choosing the Mantra is that it’s the simplest of all Durga Mantras.
  • You can easily remember this Mantra and chant anytime you want.
  • You can easily pronounce this Mantra so chanting is easy.
  • When you start chanting this Devi Mantra you will feel a kind of energy surrounding you.
  • It produces a typical rhythm and sound that is very pleasing.
  • It makes you feel very powerful.

Benefits of this Devi Mantra

  • As stated, goddess Durgais considered a (mother) of all living species and when the mother is remembered she will always showers love and affection.
  • This Mantra fulfills all the desires of a human being in a fast and speedy manner.
  • As chanting of this Mantra is very easy so chanter starts getting benefits very early.
  • If one desires money then you will definitely get it in a short span.
  • If you desire faith you will get it.
  • If you desire love you will get it.
  • When there is an urge for chastity in Kaliyuga you will be bestowed with purity of nature
  • When knowledge is asked, then it will be bestowed

How make it more effective, more powerful and more useful

  • Facing east while Mantra chanting gives special benefits.
  • Chanting of mantra 108 times makes it a Siddha Mantra for the chanter.
  • Light a Diya (lamp) of oil.
  • If possible offer flowers to an idol or a picture of Goddess Durga.
  • Finally when chanting has over sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed and thank mother for all her love in whatever form you want it.


  • As said earlier, this mantra is to worship mother, Adi Shakti and there should not be any cheating while chanting this Mantra.
  • You should be pure at heart and chanting should be done with complete dedication.
  • If you require something such as money then that money should be used for the right cause. Maa Durga is such that if her worshiper tries to do with anything negative she shows her kalirup (destructive form).
  • Once again, pronunciation plays a very important role but this Mantra is so very easy to make incorrect pronunciation.


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