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by Arijit, Evandro Castilho, Manjushaa
(Kolkata, Brazil, Hyderabad)

Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga

Gives me power & protection

Since I started chanting this mantra I am experiencing positivity in my life. When I feel tired or drained chanting this mantra surrounds me with energy; when I feel I’m in need to protection chanting this mantra immediately shows its result. How big is the fear it doesn’t matter – but believe me this powerful mantra knows how to solve your problem.

I recommend this chanting should be done along with meditation and a rosary with 108 beads. An starting and the ending should be done offering thanks to the divine Mother.

Arijit, Kolkata

Experience of Evandro Castilho

I am a Brazilian teacher, with 66 years old. Since 1999 I began to produce a K12 with my family and friends. Very difficult time in my country because of political ignorance, corruption and irresponsibility of rulers.

We fought with all our capacity. In the end, each of my children followed his individual form of way to make their lives and I continue to produce the project. What else hurt us was the fact that we have been robbed by the politicians themselves linked to the government of our state. But, this time, had met an Indian friend Rayalu Govindaraju Krishna and his family . Through him I’ve become -interest in Hinduism and today , I am sure to be protected by Ganesha.

I am writing to thank your culture and heritage to the world , since my kids are good and I’m able to do the project. Lighting incense on the first day of the year. Greetings.

Evandro Castilho

Goddess Durga mahima

Once I had severe congestion as i was crying for a long time. We pray to Goddess Durga every day. Suddenly I heard sound of someone coming i thought could be my mom and I covered my head not to show her my bad situation and was holding my breath. Goddess came to me sat beside me and was pressing my forehead gently done all my congestion everything was gone and I fell asleep. Morning when I got up I have seen my room door bolted from inside. And my mom said she did not come into my room and she also commented that i looked very pretty and strong. Thanks to Durga Devi.

Jai Mata Ki Jai.

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