Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please see below for the most common questions we get asked about our website and the products we sell…

Is it safe to buy from you?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our safety. We offer the ability to pay through PayPal or with your credit/debit card. Also if there is ever a problem with your order or you are not satisfied, we offer a 10 day 100% refund policy, no questions asked. Just let us know what is wrong and we will be happy to refund you.

I ordered a pdf book, but I can’t find my download link?

We often have people emailing us because they have made a purchase but can’t find their download link. If this is the case, please email us at and we can easily issue you a new download link.

Why don’t you give your pdf books for free?

This is something that we get asked every now and then. Although we would love to be able to share our knowledge of mantras for free, unfortunately running a website of this size has several costs. We need to pay our experts to provide correct and valuable information, and we have to pay for our web hosting amongst other things.

At Ideal Mantra our priority is to help as many people as possible by teaching them the power of mantras to create positive change in your life.

We still do our best to share as much information for free as possible, and we really appreciate people showing their support by purchasing from us!

Which book should I choose?

This depends entirely on your experience level with mantras. We designed our Ancient 51 pdf book to be suitable for all skill levels, and contain the broadest amount of information for even the most experienced mantra practitioners.

With this being said, if you are newly interested in mantras and would like to just know the essentials without too much detail, we recommend starting with our Mantra Basics or Mantra Rules books. They are a very cheap way of getting to know a lot about mantras and see if you would like to explore them further.

If your primary concern is money or financial worries, we always recommend our Mantra Money Maker pdf book. This is the most complete pdf book written which focuses on how mantras can help you to achieve financial success.

Why don’t you sell paperback (hard copy) books?

This is often confusing for our buyers. We do not sell paperback or hard copy books. All of our books are in pdf format. We think this is a much better way of giving you our knowledge for several reasons.

Firstly, by using pdf books, we make sure there is no chance that you will not receive your purchase. Selling paperback books has the risk that they could get lost when they are being delivered.

Also, because pdf books cost us less to manufacture, we are able to offer many of our products for very affordable prices. If we sold paperback books, we would have to raise our prices and this would make our books unaffordable to many people who could benefit from the information they contain – this is the last thing we want.

Finally, because pdf books can be transferred online, this gives us the opportunity to spread our knowledge and help people in all areas of the world!

The online format allows us to avoid expensive delivery and give you our expertise on mantras no matter where you are!

When will my book be delivered?

As soon as you have purchased your pdf book, a download link should be sent to your email address. If there are any issues with your download, please email us at and we would be happy to help you.


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