Why is it must to understand
gayatri mantra meaning before chanting

Hello friend! How is your spiritual journey going on?

I want to start this topic with some questions that will help you to fully understand the concept I am going to tell you.

The toughest and most boring task ever.

What will happen if you are given a song to sing without knowing its meaning or anything related to it exactly?
It’ll be very hard for you to memorize the song and after some time you will start being bored by the song itself, doesn’t matter how beneficial it is for you.

What if you know its meaning and its background too?
It’s quite simple if you know meaning and background of the song then undoubtedly you will be able to connect your intellect to the emotions and spirit of that song. You’ll be able to sing the song feeling it which is the best thing.

Gayatri mantra meaning – The key to get more from Gayatri Mantra

The same thing is with mantras too, my friend! Mantras are nothing but prayers. These are songs which are sung in the praise of Gods.

So when you’ll recite them understanding their meaning it’ll be very helpful for you to recite the mantras. Further you’ll feel an attachment towards the mantra.

“It is said that mantra, recited whether knowing the meaning or unknowingly gives the fruit of its recitation.

But this too is true that if a person recites a mantra without knowing its meaning it give just half of its benefit.”

Here is the Gayatri mantra meaning with its pronunciation-

Gayatri mantra meaning and pronunciation

Understand what does it exactly mean-

Gayatri mantra is the self awakening medium of powers. Here is its meaning-

May our mind (our intellect) be able to have that supreme consciousness which gives and protects our vital energies, takes us away from sorrows and gives happiness.

Which cleans our all imperfections, which is the best of the best,  ultimate creator of all the things, which needs no other source for illumination, in short who is self luminous, and which, purifying our intellect, steps us ahead on the divine path to give us spiritual powers and states.

So now try to recite it understanding its meaning my dear friend and feel the difference.

Recite understanding the mood and following emotions

Sometimes mood and emotions of mantras too differs from one another. And you need to have the required mood and feelings while reciting the mantras. If you fail to do so, the fruits of mantras too will vary.

It is just like singing a tragic song in a very joyful mood. Doing such thing you ruin everything they feel, the emotions and other things related to the song.

That’s why it is good to know the meaning of a mantra before its recitation.

Invite divine powers in yourself

Gayatri mantra meaning is invitation to powers to come in your life to enlighten you.

Although it is quite true that the power lies in the words. But when you start reciting it knowing its complete sense, there is a psychological as well as spiritual effect too.

Inviting the powers and qualities is just like inviting your most awaited guests. So you can easily feel the difference of emotions within yourself between two situations.

Situation one is when you are doing your routine work and situation two is when you are inviting/ receiving your most lovable guests.

It works as a purifier

By reciting Gayatri mantra you invite the divine power in yourself which purifies you completely because no imperfections or impurities can live where there resides the divine power.

So Start reciting it now my friend understanding gayatri mantra meaning and its completely joyfully.

My best wishes are with you.

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