Gratitude: Manifesting Your Highest Desires 

By: Tanya Lesiuk 

It’s wild what you can manifest in life when you embody your energy and focus it towards a particular desire. Embodying our energy starts with expressing gratitude for what we have, including the things we may have previously labeled as misfortunes. When we begin expressing gratitude for everything around us, we notice a shift in our energy but more importantly, our ability to manifest our highest desires becomes increasingly powerful. 

The continued practice of expressing gratitude allows us to gradually shift our mindset from misfortune to abundance. Through a dedicated practice, you’ll be able to recognize gratitude even within the so called struggles of life. How exactly does expressing gratitude directly help manifest your highest desires? To understand the concept better we need to first look at the energy we create and what we transmit outward. 

How Does Energy Operate?

Within us all there is an energy that moves through and around us. We are also directly responsible for what we transmit. The energy we put out into the world is so powerful that it is reflected back onto us. When we are in a positive state of mind, energetically we transmit and attract this. In contrast, when we’re feeling blue, or otherwise in a negative stage of mind, we tend to observe that we attract the same. 

When we live in a mindset of abundance and express gratitude, energetically we start operating at a higher frequency. These higher frequency vibrations have a heck load of power behind them; all the positive power to manifest anything we’d ever want. 

Effects of Gratitude

By incorporating a gratitude practice into your life, you’ll be able to welcome in more light and love by channeling the high frequency energy you’ll be creating, towards reaching your highest desires. Once you’re operating at a higher frequency you’ll notice that even your wildest dreams will become closer to reality. What you put out into the world will thus be coming back to you. All you ask for, will start flowing your way; it all begins with gratitude.

Your Gratitiude Practice – Help Reach Your Highest Desires

If you’re new to the concept of expressing gratitude and need a place to start, we’d suggest putting pen to paper and concretely journaling your gratitude on a daily basis. Every night before heading off to sleep, write down three things you were grateful for in your day; they can be anything really. Maybe you’ve met up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while and are overjoyed with excitement. Or, possibly you could be grateful to that stranger that smiled at you in the street. Whatever it is, big or small, it’s worth noting. 

You may notice two things happen after a while, depending on where you personally are in your self development journey: 

1. You may find it difficult after a while to come up with things that you’re grateful for. It’s very important that you try not to repeat what you’ve written previously. In these moments, you’re being called to look deeper for meaning. When you do this, you’ll eventually arrive at the next stage of expressing gratitude. 

2. The second stage is where you start to notice yourself journaling down things that you’d normally find difficulty in showing gratitude towards. Examples of these difficult situations could be that of a failed relationship or the loss of a loved one. 

Continuing with a daily practice of expressing gratitude will enhance your ability to manifest your highest desires. Utilizing mantras to help bring more positivity into your life will also aid in strengthening your gratitude practice.  Your practice will raise you to a higher frequency so you can utilize focused energy in the direction of manifesting. It is this focused energy that will add strength to anything you manifest, allowing everything you want in your life to come into reach. Expressing gratitude will help you bring forward all the love and light you could ever imagine. 

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