Om Tara Tuttare Ture Svaha

The Green Tara is supposed to be a Nepalese princess and the female consort of Amoghasiddhi, one of the self born Buddha.  Tibetan Buddhism believes that Green Tara is the mother of success, achievements and liberation. Tara is a generic name of a sect of Bodhisattvas. The goddess Green Tara is supposed to protect you from illness, danger and bestow you with long life and prosperity. In Mahayana form of Buddhism chanting Green Tara mantra will beget riches, affluence, wealth, material comforts and make all your dreams come true. Green Tara is a personification of enlightened activity. Though Green Tara is a goddess, she resides in this material world to help you rise up from difficulty and sufferings.


Chanting the Green Tara mantra will protect you from the eight great spiritual fears that are symbolized by animals. They’re

  1. Elephants – lack of knowledge
  2. Lion – arrogance/ ego
  3. Snake – jealousy
  4. Fire – rage
  5. Jail – greediness
  6. Thief – mistaken ideas
  7. Water – desire
  8. Evil spirit – distrust

Goddess Green Tara is identified with heightened compassion and deep awakening. Green is a color that is associated with nature and growth. The image of Green Tara is in a seated position with her right leg outstretched. The right hand is in a position showing generosity and her left hand denotes refuge. The thumb and ring finger are joined to signify union of knowledge and the other fingers are held up to show detachment. Her left hand is very close to her heart signifying that her mind is constantly thinking about Dharmakaya. Interestingly she holds a stem of the lotus flower indicating that all the qualities of enlightenment have fully blossomed within her. Her serene face shows that she’s the mother of all Buddha’s and compassion flows freely from her. Her posture and the moon behind her show that she’s in a meditative state that gives limitless cheerfulness.


The Green Tara mantra is as follows –

Om Tara Tuttare Ture Svaha

Om – enlightenment

Tara – star

Tuttare – healing from the eight fears

Ture – liberation

Svaha – let this mantra embed in me

‘Om’ is a constant sound that exists in the background of every living thing. It is a divine song.

‘Tara’ stands for salvation from threats and distress. She protects us from the sufferings that we go through in this Samsara and liberates you from all the pain and problems that you undergo in this life. Chanting this mantra brings relief and abundance into your life.

‘Tuttare’ helps you to get rid of the eight fears you face in life. The external forces like wind, air, water, earth, wild animals and thieves as well as feelings of anger, ego, helplessness, failure, jealousy are all part of the eight fears you need to get rid of. Being positive, full of love and compassion will go a long way in removing the obstacles you face in this life.

‘Ture’ talks about the liberation from this world and moving into a wonderful world of eternal bliss and enlightenment.

Chanting of Green Tara mantra for 108 times in a day can help you to tide over all the obstacles to gain abundance and reach enlightenment.




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