Hanuman Mantra: 15 Reasons To Chant This Mantra


Hanuman Mantra: Make Anything Possible

The Hanuman is the God of strength and is the God most remembered in times of trouble. You must have noticed people starting to chant his Mantra or Chalisa when they are scared or are looking for strength in times of troubles.

Lord Hanuman is the reincarnation of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

So, therefore when you see the preserver and the destroyer coming together, it casts a huge impact when you become his devotee.

Undoubtedly, he tends to become the source of strength and power.

There are different reasons as to why we chant the Hanuman Mantra:-

  • The Hanuman is the source of strength and power. Therefore, chanting his Mantra brings in lots of strength to overcome troubles of any type especially of health and fighting for justice where you need utmost strength.
  • Chanting Hanuman Mantra makes you resilient and gets you the power to jump back from your low life state with loads of energy. So, it is like the spring of life that you must have in order to be victorious in every sphere of life.
  • It also has turned out to be useful in overcoming adverse health conditions. There have been cases where people who have been on the deathbed or in a state of comma have risen because of the sincere and dedicated chanting.
  • It is also used to ward off any bad spirits or ghosts that cast a bad influence on somebody’s life.
  • Lots of wrestlers are made to learn the Hanuman Mantra and the chalisa so that even when they are lying in the hands of defeat can retain the stamina and the power and come out with victory.
  • Hanuman does not just stand for physical strength; he also stands for mental strength. He empowers you to take best decisions in terms of education and routine life and ensures tons of success if practiced from heart with sincerity.
  • People these days suffer from mental problems, failed marriages, debt problems etc. The Mantra gives you the push to overcome them by cleansing your aura and removing all the negativity.
  • It brings in a lot of courage and confidence in people who always have been fearful of things and unpredictable situations in their lives.
  • It acts as a protective shield and prevents any wrong moves of your enemies towards you. Therefore, once you start chanting the mantra, you can be sure of one thing that you are protected and nothing bad can happen to you.
  • Hanuman Mantra makes you stay focused onto whatever job or study you are engaged in. Therefore, you are most likely to get fruitful results when you chant with full devotion.
  • It purifies your body and makes it pious and free from any bad influences.
  • It also prevents you from bad eye and therefore no matter how much success you may attain, you would never fall back on the ground owing to somebody’s wrong eyes on you , if you chant with full devotion.
  • Even in the weakest situations, you would feel the energy to get up and fight the odds out which are only possible with the Hanuman Mantra.
  • It also betters your sex life and makes your partner feel fully satisfied with you.
  • Your work efficiency increases with the chant and you are able to hold on to your strength and work for more time and inspire others as well with your charm.

Therefore, the most common form of Chalisa that you would come across that people have learnt by heart is Hanuman Chalisa or even his mantra for strength and power in times of troubles.

Hanuman Mantra



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