Gift Yourself A Life Full Of Happiness:
Embrace These Powerful Hindu Mantras

The western civilization is always fascinated with the exotic cha And Mentality: Achieve This Through The Hindu Mantrasrm and tremendous magical potency of the Orient. The Hindu Mantras have their own ritualistic and mythological background, and the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, and the Dharma Sutras supply enough evidence for the therapeutic purpose of the Mantras.

Whether it is the Gayatri Mantra, the Kali chants, the Mantra to worship Lord Shiva, the OM Ram Ramaya Namah, or the prayer dedicated to Lord Rama, all Mantras can be sources of great joy and happiness. 

What Is ‘happiness’? How Can You Attain It Through Mantras? 

The concept of happiness is an abstract one. Many people consider happiness as the accumulation of worldly pleasures, whereas there are others who discover happiness only in renouncing these worldly material goods. Always keep in mind the following factors while chanting:

  • Do not expect miracles to happen when you chant Mantras. For instance, when you chant

ॐ  नमो  भगवते  वासुदेवाय 

OM Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

you are inviting Lord Narayan to your heart and home. You should not just try to extract ‘something’ only for you, but you must understand its tremendous power to deliver overall goodness, well-being, happiness and a peaceful life to all those around you. This is one of the most prominent Hindu Vishnu hymns.

Freedom Of Thoughts, Actions, And Mentality: Achieve This Through The Hindu Mantras

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The meaning of the word “Om” engulfs the entire universe. It is the fundamental sound of the space, which is inextricably related to the births, deaths, and circle of life.

So when you speak this Mantra, with prolonged chanting, you will attain a divine pleasure and internal happiness for your whole being. This gets dispersed all around you, and finally flows out form you in to the entire universe.

This is the reason why several modern international fitness and lifestyle experts rely upon the regular practice of chanting “Om”, and recommend this to their clients. Simply chanting “Om” will reduce mental tension and anxiety.

This idea is similar to the picture below of this funnel where all disparate thoughts and actions submerge into one universal being – the “Om”. 

funnel submerge for disparate thoughts and actions

Is Ultimate Pleasure And Happiness An Illusion?

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Even if we think that it is not, we must agree that some part of our worldly happiness is really transient. Material belongings, which people often derive such happiness from, can only exist in this dimension and we are unable to take anything with other into another realm.

Then why should we strive toward it? The answer is simple. Through these Hindu Mantras, we learn to channel the finer and more profound areas of our spirit into believing that we are actually happy. This type of happiness is not merely transient, or dependent on worldly possessions or the approval of others. This happiness comes from within yourself. It is ever lasting and will achieving this state of happiness with transform your life for the better. 

Having said this, until this can be achieved, it is true that even a fleeting happiness, like going to sleep for example, is much better than remaining awake due to tension. You should always seek for happiness no matter what your situation.

The Shanti Mantra, often used for its power to generate peace and happiness, more adequately explains this phenomenon.

Scientific Innovation Vs. Spiritual Blessings and Happiness

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The basic aim of all individual beings is to find their source of happiness, even in the “Kalyug” (the Age Of Downfall).

In your constant quest for happiness, you must remember to use the power of Mantras to help you in your journey.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti 

Anytime when you feel your happiness start to fade, please try to chant this short Mantra.

It will help to unify you with the Supreme Being, and restore yourself to a state of bliss.

Not just as individuals, but as collective communities we must remember that every civilization works with the joint efforts of pujas, hawans, mantras, positive ritualistic procedures and common cultural practices.

Even if you consider the effect of these Hindu Mantras from a scientific viewpoint, you will find that they are the perfect sources for bringing overall happiness to your life and surroundings.

So, during this festive season, do not just light up your life, but spread the light of happiness and prosperity all around the universe. Believe us, you will feel happier and luckier than ever before.

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