How does the ordering and downloading process work?

Questions About Ordering And Downloading

You will find The Guided Mantra Chanting Program for almost every Mantra in the end of every Mantra page on this site.

When you click on Guided Program, you go on a page where you find how this program solve all your chanting programs, its benefits and Buy button.

How does the ordering and downloading process work?

Step 1: Click on the “Buy Now” button for any items you wish to purchase.

Step 3: Make a payment using your credit card and click on “pay” button.

Step 4: As soon as your payment is received, you will be automatically directed to a web page that contains your downloads.

This entire process only takes a minute or so.

To make life even easier, you will also receive an email that contains links to your downloads (if you don’t receive this email, please check your junk mail folder. Email programs like Outlook sometimes think this email is spam and accidentally delete it).

Just click on the download links and then save your mp3 files to your computer. You can use your mp3 files in your favourite mp3 player (like an iPod for example), you can play them on your computer or you burn your own CD with them.

Should you ever have a problem with a download (a very rare event) please feel free to contact us for support. We will make sure that you receive everything you ordered.

Is my payment secure?

Absolutely, your payment is 100% secure and  your purchasing information, your account details, and your personal information are all completely protected.

I can’t seem to play the preview tracks. What’s wrong?

There are two reasons why this might happen:

  • Your computer may be missing Java (a free software plugin). Almost all computers have Java installed, but some older computers or those that are not up to date may be missing it. Install Java here.
  • Your internet speed may not be fast enough to stream the music properly. Our preview tracks are quite high in quality and require a reasonably fast internet connection. You can improve your experience by making sure that you are not downloading any other files or web pages while you listen to the music.