The Power of Japa Meditation – A complete guide

“Those who have tried meditation often vouch for its healing power, but those who have not tried it yet have doubts about the time and determination needed to make it part of their daily routine. “

Others may complain of being constantly distracted by many thoughts that cloud their mind during meditation-time, and this preoccupation makes the whole exercise useless.

Have you faced similar problems?

Or maybe you are looking for a practical and more effective technique of meditation. If so, read on, this article is for you.

I have heard of meditation, but what is Japa Meditation?

“Japa” means chant a Mantra more than one time. In this mediation you will choose a Mantra and then meditate on this Mantra along with chant it again and again.

This Mantra Meditation can offer you a host of incredible benefits.

It is very easy to do and can be performed almost anywhere. Even though it is so easy, it is not very well-known just yet.

How do you do Japa Meditation?

There are three ways to do Meditation:

Maanas Meditation: Here you do not speak out loud, you just chant the Mantra in your mind.

Vachak Meditation: Vachak means “to speak softly”. The Mantra is chanted in a low voice.

Kirtan or Sankirtan Meditation: Here, the Mantra is chanted loudly with singing. You can even use musical instruments.

Which Meditation Technique is Best for You?

You may be wondering which meditation technique applies to your situation given that all three techniques are so powerful and useful.

In this fast-paced world, we find ourselves stressed and unable to control our mind and thoughts.

Compared to our ancestors, we are constantly surrounded by a variety of external stimuli (television, internet, books, and smartphones) that try to grab out attention.

This can easily frustrate and agitate a restless mind.It would be best to chant the Japa out loud and engage our ears and tongue in earnest prayer.

“Our minds are already trained to focus attention on external stimuli. Chanting the Mantra out loud and engaging two sensory systems will allow the purifying power of this mantra to affect you more profoundly.”

The Vachak japa meditation technique is thus said to be the easiest and best method for purifying the mind. Find out more Meditation Technique.

What Mantras Should I Chant?

There are many powerful Mantras in our ancient and sacred texts. Each of them has specific benefits. You can use the following mantras for when you are meditating.

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Some FAQs answered for your benefit:

What is the best time to meditate and chant?

The best time to meditate is in the early morning, before the sun rises. In Sanskrit, this is called the “Brahma Muhurta”.

Your brain is fully rested and working at top efficiency. Even the environment is peaceful and filled with positive energy that is accessed easily with your devoted prayers.

I don’t have time to chant in the mornings!

No problem! Try chanting in the evenings instead. It isn’t the best time, but still beneficial. Faith and concentration will help you reach out and attain a divine, spiritual mentality.

Should I bathe before chanting?

Certainly! Bathing will help the Mantras have a better effect on you. If you ever notice Bathing not only cleanses your body but also calms the mind, allowing you to meditate with deeper concentration.

As with the earlier concern with timings, it is definitely best if you bathe and then meditate, but you can still go ahead without taking a bath if you have no alternatives.

My mind is constantly filled with thoughts when I meditate. Am I doing it right?

Yes, you are! Chanting during japa meditation allows you to clear your mind, and your subconscious emerges. The thoughts that you may have hidden or repressed from your daily life will now begin to cloud your mind.

You should continue chanting through these distractions. Listen to the mantras and allow the spiritual energy to wash over your mind and purify it.

If you feel that you are constantly distracted when meditating, re-orient your focus on the sound of the mantra and you will be fine.

Gradually, you will reach a state of mental calm and no thoughts will disturb you.

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