Lord Krishna mantra Experiences

by Prakash Vir Ruhil
(Agra and New Delhi)

We are a simple middle class family. I have my wife, a son and a daughter. I was eager to know about the GOD and started to read books belongs to spiritual knowledge. When my son completed his schooling and started doing C.A. Course. One of his friend took him to ISKON TEMPLE, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. He started chanting the Mahamantra. He took whole family to ISKON Temple, East of Kailash, New Delhi. We were asked to joint SHRIMAD BHAGWAT GEETA course for a week. I and my wife joined those classes. We found the reality of life and what is the aim of our life. Now the whole family is chanting Mahamantra in the morning and evening.

The biggest thing we achieved that our children are well cultural and obedient. We are not even eating Onion and Garlic. Very simple food very tasty (SATVIK that become PRABHU PRASADAM). They have good friends and society to meet. They are away from bad habits. I think today this is the Worry of most of the parents.

I took a DAILY CALENDER of SHRIMAD BHAGWAT GEETA. I read it everyday and I found the real knowledge of Universal Dharma.

Our families Needs are fulfilled easily with the Grace of GOD. We have now limited Desires.

If we starts the chanting of Mahamantra we are cleaning slowly from inside (Atma, Chitta, Buddhi, Mana and Suksham Sharira) which were filled with unnecessary Desire, Thoughts and having predeterminations etc.


Prakash Vir Ruhil

One more experience shared by a Mantra chanter

This Mantra is most lovely mantra of my life it feels as if Krishna is near me & due to it i started to believe in myself. If someone wants to know true love of lord Krishna it can be experienced by this mantra. This hymn had effects which made me pure. Due to this chant i became beautiful my skin became tender before my skin was rough. i began respecting others. i became intelligent, wealthy. There are many benefits which cannot be expressed although.

Thanking you
Your & lord krishna’s servant

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