Transform Your Life With The Power Of Mantras

Mantras – the age-old means of spiritual refinement and soul awakening – have existed ever since the human race has existed. As the technological development of the human race has increased in speed, the significance of Mantras has been decreasing slowly.

“Mantra Basics: The Complete Guide to Mantra Chanting for Beginners”, our eBook, is the collective effort by Team Ideal Mantra to give you an introduction into the world of Mantras, and the enormous positive effects that using Mantras can have on your life.

Mantras are divine sounds that produce a physical vibration and can have extremely powerful effects on the mind of people, leading to real positive changes in the lives of those who use them.

The eBook has a host of guidelines to guide you through this method of physical and spiritual awakening which would we believe will make you a firm believer of the Mantra Method. The eBook is a great start for beginners who have decided to make Mantras their guiding light, and benefit from their effects. Some of the highlights of the eBook are as follows:

  • The eBook presents to beginners a powerful way of cleansing your inner self and taking yourself towards inner peace and a more positive life.
  • The eBook contains an array of guidelines designed to give you an in-depth introduction into the world of Mantras – providing the perfect platform for you to learn more about these powerful ancient hymns and their uses.
  • We have tried to include everything you need in this eBook in order to learn the basics of Mantras and how to use them. This includes: why and how you should use them, how Mantras work, and ways to incorporate them into your daily life.

This eBook designed exclusively for you on Ideal Mantra is a complete guide to pronouncing the chant of each and every mantra with precision.

Your subconscious mind is the collective resource of all primitive consciousness which can be rooted with crystallized thoughts when filled with the enchanting power of Mantras. So grab hold of your copy today and begin your journey to great spirituality.

Content Overview

  • Introduction
  • What Is A Mantra?
  • How Mantras Work
  • The Biggest Reasons Why Your Mantra Is Not Working And Why It Is Not Effective For You
  • How To Chant
  • When To Chant
  • Choosing The Right Mantra
  • Best Time In The Day For Chanting Mantras
  • About Mantra Counting
  • How To Use Mantras – Discover The Steps To Attain Siddhi Through Mantras
  • Effectiveness of Mantra
  • How To Gain More From Mantra Chants
  • Japa Meditation
  • Guidelines From Gurus And Masters
  • Lifestyles Which You Have To Follow While Chanting
  • Prohibited Things During Mantra Sadhana
  • Mistakes Many People Often Make
  • How To Avoid Making These Mistakes
  • Benefits That We Can Derive From Mantras
  • Step By Step Guide To Using Mantras successfully
  • Discover The Healing Powers And Hidden Benefits Of 50+ Mantras
  • Find Answers To Your Questions And Learn Where And How To Use Mantras

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