How To Gain More From Mantra Chants

When someone hears about Mantra chants and meditation, their first question is, this is interesting, which mantras should I chant?

But before I tell you which Mantras to chant, you should ask me, why should you chant?

This is just as important for getting the desired results. The results of any work, including chants depend on these factors:

– Method and procedure 

– Intensity

– Mood

Now let us talk about each of these points in further detail.

The Methods of Chanting

Following the correct method of chanting is the first step towards getting bountiful results. You should chant with the correct pronunciation and proper count to get maximum benefits.

Intensity of Chanting

Often, hard work and intensity is the only thing that separates the successful people from the failures. To get the best results out of chanting a Mantra, this is what you must keep in mind!

Mood during Mantra Chants

Mood, or motive, is very important for Mantra chants. This is the most important question you must ask yourself, what you want to achieve by chanting this mantra?

When you chant Mantras, you should not simply go through the motions and wait for results. Your devotion and faith prompts God to shower you with blessings. This is why different people achiever different results when following the same process.

Use the Chants to achieve physical, mental and spiritual upliftment. The positive energy you get will give you a beautiful inner radiance. This is why yogis look so serene and content.

Alright, I Understand. What do I chant?

Now we can talk about this question. Here is a short list of the most effective chants:

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The Sacred Mantra: Om

Om is a seed Mantra that has the potential to cleanse and revive your spirit if chanted properly. It is mentioned many times in the Bhagavad Gita, and is considered to be a manifestation of the Supreme Lord.

Chanting this Mantra sincerely with faith will help you find a clear path to your goals and surely, you will achieve all that you seek.


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Gayatri Mantra

Contrary to popular belief, the Gayatri Mantra is not just one Mantra. In fact, it is a collection of many Mantra chants.

This powerful Mantra helps with inner and outer purity, power and success in life.


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Vishnu Mantra

This sacred mantra addresses the Supreme God. It is said that Dhruva chanted this Mantra and came face-to-face with the Lord himself!

I encourage you to give this a try. Success will be on your side if you put in sincere efforts.


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The Hare Krishna Maha Mantra

Many people were introduced to this Mantra when it was popularized in the West during the Hippie Movement. Many fans of the Beatles would also recognize it.

However, this Mantra originated from the Vedic Scriptures and can offer great spiritual release. It remains popular globally thanks to the efforts of Swami Praphupada.


Final Words

We hope that this discussion helps you in your goal for spiritual revival. These small words of wisdom should guide you towards your goal and help you achieve it easily.

Choose the Mantra chants you feel most comfortable with or the one that will offer you what you seek. The above list can help you with this. You have our best wishes!

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