Mantra For Marriage: Discover Ways To Bring New Happiness Into Your Marriage Through Mantras

Whether it is the declaration of man and wife, or the powerful religious implications of the saat phere, it is clear that chanting a Mantra for marriage in the early stages your relationship or marriage can have huge positive effects and influences on one’s marital life. According to Hindu mythology, marriage is not just the union of two individuals, but it is the collective unification of two diverse souls. When both the husband and wife unify to chant these mantras together, they will become spiritually closer and their energies will unify themselves into one being, creating a stronger bond between the couple.

Faithfulness, devotion to your marriage, respect for one another and trying to maintain a mutual attraction and bond between one another – these are the key components to success in any marriage, regardless of who you are. Chanting specific Mantras
during the early stages of your marriage can help you to create these special qualities between a husband and wife, and banish any negative energy surrounding your marriage.

Mantra For Marriage: The 10 Benefits Of Chanting Mantras During Early Marriage

Benefit 1: Certain Mantras Can Remove Obstacles From Your Marriage


Mantras, like the Swayamvara Parvati, can help to reduce many marital obstacles. It is said that if any husband or wife speaks this mantra twice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then all obstacles to a happy marriage
can be avoided. The Mantra goes like this:

Ohm Hreem Yogini Yogini Yogeshwari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara

Jangamasya Mukha hrudayam Mama Vasam Akarsha Akarsha Namoha

The entire Mantra is based on mutual attraction and lighting up the special fervor of true love between souls.


Benefit 2: Early Marriage Mantras Can Help To Channel Love Into Your Partner For Long Term Mutual Admiration

Historically, the socio-religious implication of marriage has always been deeply embedded as part of our Indian culture and social framework. Early Hindu marriages, such as those which were described in Manusmriti, never talked about child rearing as the ultimate destination of marriage, but they also emphasized upon the concept of the eternal love that can exist between a male and a female:


“According to the tenets of Hindu mythology, marriage is a sacramental bond of lifelong commitment between a man and a woman, and a father is to be reprimanded if he is late in giving his daughter for marriage…”

Benefit 3: For Gandharva Vivaha, Early Marriage Mantras Can Be Immensely Helpful

When a man and woman decide to marry in front of God, inside a religious platform such as a temple, this form of Hindu marriage is known as Gandharva Vivaha. Chanting Mantras during this early stage of marriage can reduce any problems or marital digression, so long as both parties truly are ready for marriage:

Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayogitya yadidhari

Nandagopasutta devi panti mein kurute namoha”.

This mantra needs to be chanted eleven times, for at least one month, and the positive energy you will receive from this will bring you great prosperity with regards to all areas of your marriage.

In Hinduism, some Mantras, such as this one, are most effective if chanted at a certain time of the day. It is better to chant the mantras after bathing, or after sprinkling some Gangaajal on one’s self. You can also apply a red mang-tilak after you have completed your daily religious rituals.

Benefit 4: The Devi Katyayani Mantra for early marriage can nourish your post-marital life, and will invite overall prosperity and financial success in whatever work you do.

It is evident from the manuscripts of the Bhagavad Gita that gopinis used to pray to Devi Katyayani to try to get Lord Krishna as their husband.  Any red-colored asana, red flowers and red sandal powder should be used, and it is very important to meditate and concentrate on the given Mantra:

“Ohm Namoha Devin Katyayani Vivaha Sankalpa Namaha.”


This Mantra can be chanted on Tuesday and Saturday just before the sunset, or as the dusk gradually settles upon your country to obtain “Chitta-Shuddhi” or “purification of the soul”.

Benefit 5: You Can Chant The Devi Katyayani Mantra In Cases Of Parental Disapproval

Other techniques can also be used alongside Mantras so bring you happiness and fulfillment within your marriage. One simple task is to tie a red band on your wrist and chant “namoha hrudayam vivaham lakshanam” around twenty times. This Mantra is dedicated to your loved one, encouraging your loved one to never leave you, and helping you to achieve a state of refined and serene marital fulfillment.


The great thing about these “early marriage Mantras” is that they are not very difficult but they must not be spoken during any pakshas or tithis.


As told in the Puranas, if you are still searching for your soul mate or if your marriage gets delayed, then you can always look at
the moon on a shuklapaksha night and speak the name of your beloved ten times or more. This will create a powerful force around you and within three months, it is said that all obstacles to your
marriage can be dissolved.


Time Is An Omnipotent Healer

You must remember that nothing heals better than time, so the effectiveness of marriage mantras can only be appreciated, if you have patience and they work better when you pre-meditate on what are your marital priorities.


Benefit 6: Mantras Will Encourage You To Be More Proactive About Your Marriage Life


In your marriage, it is important that you use your own passion and love for your partner to add more value to your marital life.


Those girls whose parents find it difficult to get them married, or those husband and wives who have completely lost all pure connection about love, can do the Manglik Khandaan mantra to achieve the desired benefits about marriage.

Benefit 7: Marriage Mantras Do Not Require A Large Spectrum Of Paraphernalia Or Any Costly Items To Work Effectively

As is said in the Hindu shastras, the guru graham or Jupiter gives everything to a man. With this in mind, if you want marital happiness and security you can also practice the navagraha Mantra everyday while you look directly at the Sun to energize and purify your marital life.

According to the famous shlokas of Purushashukta, if you are too desperate to find a partner, your marriage will never get consummated. However, if you try to find a partner with pure intentions, and prepared to approach your relationship with love and commitment, then the mangalik dosh and any future marital impediments will always get resolved.

Benefit 8: The Siddhi Or Fulfillment Of Married Life Can Be Achieved By Chanting The Vivaha Siddhidayaka Mantra


Try this mantra: ‘ohm vrahari preswari swaha’. Ultimately, you want to try to chant this mantra around ten thousand times till navaratri, this will ensure that all negative energy or durmuhurtams are banished.

Benefit 9: Early Marriage Mantras Can Also Create Wholesome Energy That Will Help Girls To Conceive Early, And Help Them To Have A Medically Safe Pregnancy.


Benefit 10: The Bhagavati Mantra Can Also Help You To Achieve The Desired Level Of Marital Fulfillment

Chant “Devi Bhagavati Maa Faleshu Hrudayam Nishthanam Preritam Swaha” for about ten times each day. Also, offer some white fruit, ghee and make a red and yellow tika on your forehead. Red and yellow colors signify marital prosperity and fertility so you will help increase the effectiveness of your chanting.

Early marriage Mantras are extremely beneficial for both men and women, and if you chant them with the purity of heart and soul, you shall definitely be among the blessed couples on the earth. For more general instructions, you can also visit your local temple, and offer bi-weekly prayers to Devi Durga to remove all hurdles regarding your marriage.

It is our deepest hope that this information will help people with any troubles they may be having with their marriage, or during their pre/post marital lives. Please leave a comment or feel free to ask us anything if you have any questions. You can find us on our Facebook Page (Ideal Mantra) or you can email us (


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