True Mantras Unleashed: A Definitive Guide To Mantras

For centuries, India’s ancient sages have used the power of Mantras to enhance their mental, physical, and spiritual attributes.  But what are they and how might the average individual tap into their mystic influence and potential?  The very purpose of this short, but concise guide is to explain the nature of Mantras and how they can be utilized for good.

A Mantra is a series of words, repeated in a chant-like fashion, to unlock an individual’s body, mind, and soul to the energies of the universe.  Within the pages of this book learn to liberate the mind, channel energy, and focus the subconscious.

Content Overview:

  • What is a Mantra?
  • How Mantras Work
  • Reasons why a Mantra may not work for yourself
  • Choosing the correct Mantra’s
  • The Timing and Counting of Mantras
  • Proper Positions
  • Learn the steps to attain Siddhi through Mantras
  • And much, much more…

Developing a love of Mantras is an exercise in faith.  In this detailed introduction to Mantras we describe the benefits and the way your life can be changed, but for a more all-encompassing Mantra experience we would highly recommend The Ancient 51: A Complete Guide to Mantras and How They Will Benefit Your Life.  It is a comprehensive guide to true spiritual fulfillment and deeper truths.

We wish you Peace, Prosperity, and Success!

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