Which Things You Must Care While Chanting Navagraha Mantras to Make Them More Fruitful

Sometimes, during my idle ponderings on the tremendous power of Navagraha Mantras. I get a stunning analogical relationship between the nine planets inhabiting the solar system, and the nine months which a baby remains within the body of the mother.

Somewhere these nine planets have a relentless role to play in the life of all human beings, right from the time that an embryo gradually develops into a baby.

But then, there are certain tips and techniques which we must adopt in life, in order to pacify the nine grahas or planets. You must know that Mantras are not synonymous to magic, and you must understand the value of each of the nine hymns before you desire any positive outcome.

The difference makes it a potent force on the earth: the dichotomy between elements

position of nine planets

It is true that you have to maintain not just a hygienic condition for your surroundings, when you start chanting the Navagraha Mantras. But you have to purify your own thoughts and mental impressions, as well as feedbacks. If you are impure at heart, then perhaps, you can never fully realize what you are uttering and instead of positive vibrations, you will get only negative impact.

In short,

  • Try to concentrate on the position of the Sun, with the planets revolving on its side.
  • Try to remain calm, and neglect any sort of the conflicting situation while uttering the Mantras.
  • Meat and beef, liquor and intoxicants are strictly antagonistic to the positive life force of the Mantras. So it is better if you can avoid them during and after chanting.

Self-discipline and reverence for the nine planets:

Do you remember that age old story which your grandfather or your teacher used to tell you about the concept of unity? The man who had told one of his sons to break a bundle of sticks tied tightly. One son could not do it, because he was a single person, but when he was accompanied by eight of his brothers, they could break the bundle very easily.

So now you understand, how the unified potency of the nine planets can make your life beautiful and worth living? My reason to say this is that, you must put ‘equal emphases’ on each of the planets while chanting the Navagraha Mantras. You must not forget that:

  • You must chant the Mantras together and not just mutter them in an inconsistent manner. Try to pay homage to all the planetary rulers in the same manner.
  • The nine planets are interconnected, just like the flowers in a garland. So, one cannot exist without the potential power reflected from the other.
  • The effect of Mantras can start late, but they last for a prolonged time, and with every utterance their power increase.

Chant the rhythm divine: the schematic and thematic approach to Navagraha Mantras

Whether you are chanting the Shukra, the Budh, the Mangal or the Surya Mantra, you must be aware of the rhythmic consistency of these hymns. You must know how tremendous the effect can be when you are trying to arouse all the nine planets simultaneously.

The rhythm should not be too fast, or extremely slow, the Mantra should be uttered loudly, or else, within your own mind. But whichever way you do, you must have faith that the rhythmical potency does not decrease in any way.

  • Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult for ordinary persons to create a fine balance in uttering these chants. This can have adverse effects. So it is my humble request to all of you that do not try to teach yourself anything that is beyond your capacity. Instead, consult a professional practitioner who can fathom the true spirit of the nine planets, and purify your life accordingly.
  • You can also create a recorded version of the Navagraha Mantras, and keep on playing them, in order to learn their depth and rhythm.

The dichotomy between fire and water: understand the essence of Mantras

It is a well known and much discussed fact that all the nine planets are not similar in nature. While for some planet, water is the dominant element, for some others, fire occupies a prominent position. So while you chant the Navagraha Mantras, you must know the each method of propitiating the right god of the planets.

For instance, if you chant something that is meant for the water god Varuna, and it backfires into a Mantra for Agni or fire, then the consequence can be catastrophic. So try to ‘utter’ each and every syllable clearly, while you are on a journey to decode the Mantras.

  • Be clear and precise in your approach to the planets.
  • Do not concentrate on too many Mantras at a time.
  • Try to incorporate your entire spiritual energy when you are chanting.
  • Try not to move about from one place to another, and do not chant in an unclean place like bathroom, or near a sewage tank. This reduces the inflow and growth of positive energy.

The accessories with the Mantras:

When you are uttering, and you use accessories like holy water, beads, ashes, red cloth or asana for sitting, then do not change your posture very often, while uttering. This shifts the core of your devotion, and a sudden break in concentration may result into not so palatable after effects.

Miracles are possible, just like our births in this world. Navagraha Mantras should be treated as a gateway to the rejuvenation and resurrection of a new life within yourself.


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