See how navkar mantra clean up your life problems


Navkar mantra- know exactly what is it

Are you fed up of your tiring life and frustrating lifestyle?

Do you need some break but don’t have enough time for that or you are feeling your life turning into hell?

Do you feel arousal of evil in your mind sometimes but realize after something wrong is done?

Are you loosing self control and resistance? Don’t worry my friend here is the solution for you.

“It is the right time for cleaning your mind. Just like you get manicure and pedicure to clean your body, it is important for you to clean your mind time to time.

Don’t worry I am not going to prescribe you some cosmetic product for cleaning your mind.

I’ll tell you the way to clean your mind using sacred mantras.”

Owing respect is supposed as the best way of getting blessings of our elders that’s why it is appreciated very much in India my friend. It is said that-

      अभिवादन शीलस्य नित्यं वृद्धोपसेविनः
                                                       चत्वारि तस्य वर्धन्ते आयुर्विद्यायशोवलम

It means that one who is very respectful to its elders and serves them as much as it can. Four elements of its life increase by the blessings of elders- 1- Life span 2- Knowledge, 3-Fame and 4-Power.

In Jain religion five types of people are supposed elder/senior than all other people.

  1. Arihantas
  2. Siddhas
  3. Acharyas
  4. Upajhjhayas
  5. Bhikshukas

“There is no division on the age basis. These people are supposed elders because they are senior on the spiritual basis from common masses. Owing respect to them, we move a step forward on the spiritual path and receive their blessings.”

In these mantras no specific wish or name of Gods is mentioned. Instead good qualities and type of good persons are being respected.

These are the navkar mantras. In these, first five mantras are supposed as navkar mantras (original).  Remaining one shloka describes the glory of these mantras-

mantra with its meaning

These mantras which have five feats, is destructor of all the sins of its practitioner and should be supposed as the first option for veneration. It is the most sacred of all other mantras.

See how navkar mantra setup your life in a beautiful mode

Before you start reciting this mantra, you need to make some commitments in order to make this mantra more fruitful and blessing.

If you follow all these steps my friend, you’ll surely get endless benefits of this mantra.

  • Commit for Total Ahimsä (non-violence)-Taking the pledge of ahimsa you assure that none creature of this creation is going to be hurt by you either willingly or unwillingly.
  • Commit for Total Satya (truth)-Once you commit to satya, you are no longer worthy of being involved in any falsehood businesses my friend.
  • Commit for Total Asteya (non-stealing)-Commit to asteya for your betterment. It means that now onwards you will not steal anything. You will receive things which are given by someone only.
  • Commit for Total Brahmacharya (celibacy)-Try to avoid being indulging into sensual activities as it is the fourth commintment.
  • Commit for Total Aparigraha (non-possessiveness)-In last commitment you make sure that While doing this practice or afterwards you will try not to acquire more than what is needed to maintain day to day life.

These five commitments are very important my friend. Following them is the first step for cleaning your mind.

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