Immerse yourself In The Power Of Om Namah Shivaya

These days we are all plagued by stress, tension, depression and other mental disturbances. We may find ourselves fearful of many uncertainties in life, and this might breed violence, aggression and instability. If you feel that these problems torment your life, read on. I shall share with you the secret to stability and happiness, and rid your life of all negativity.

“Om Namah Shivaya”

Should you ever find yourself scared or in trouble? Chanting this Mantra will give you protection and courage to combat the situation.

How Will This Mantra Heal You?

Are you excited to learn how this simple three-word chant can turn your life around? Many revered saints, “yogis” and “rishis” through the ages attest to the power of “Om Namah Shivaya”, and these powerful life-changing experiences can be yours too.

  • When you feel like all of life is conspiring against you, this Mantra shows you the path to peace, and gives you the clarity and intellect needed to act with grace and dignity.
  • This Mantra will temper your aggression, boost your determination and relive the stress from your burdened mind.
  • You will find your self-worth increasing, as the divine power of this Mantra boosts your self-confidence and the way other people perceive you. Your mind is calm and life becomes easier to handle.
  • You will able to balance your work and home life much more efficiently.
  • According to astrology, this Mantra is very useful in diminishing the harmful effects of the negative “grahas” (planets) and minimizing the bad influences you beget from their astral position.

“Mornings and evenings are the best time for chant, but you are not restricted to just these hours! You may chant this Mantra anytime and anywhere, especially if you are in trouble or are faced with negative forces. This is the most famous of all the Mantras dedicated to Shiva because of its versatility and great power.”

How To Benefit From Om Namah Shivaya

Chanting this Mantra is very simple, and even the novices amongst you will be able to speak it easily. You do not need to worry as you will definitely do well. I believe in your complete faith and ability to perform this chant well, and here are some instructions that will help you reap maximum benefits.

  • Ideally, you should chant this Mantra 108 times.
  • Arise early in the morning, take a refreshing bath and use your “japa mala” (counting beads). If you do not have any counting beads, you may use your fingers. Close your eyes and begin chanting the Mantra.
  • Sit comfortably with your legs folded. You could even adopt an “asana” (yoga pose).
  • You can chant this prayer anywhere – just pick a quiet, secluded spot, or sit in your prayer room if you have one.
  • Temples are also a good, peaceful place to bring forth the Shiva “tattva” (element) within us.
  • Intonation of the chant should be slow and clam, with an average speed.
  • Try not to fall asleep while chanting. Once you have completed the count of 108, sit peacefully for a few minutes and absorb the energy around you.
  • Attainment or “sidh” will be achieved when you chant this mantra regularly with full concentration. This is definitely more powerful and will give you more positive results.

Om Namah Shivaya is a way to tap into the infinite space and boundless potential locked inside you. Chant this Mantra to secure your peace of mind and well being !

Shiva is the lord of all planets, the merciful, and you should chant this Mantra in honour of him after meditating for some time. This will allow you to better focus on the chant and reap benefits.


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