In Buddhism, meditation is not merely about relaxing various parts of the body. Real meditation can be done when you relax from within. When you do that, your whole being will ease itself out quite naturally. In other words, meditation is waiting for clarity.

Just as muddy water takes time to become still and clear after the mud and dust settle down, meditation helps to make the mind still and clear.
Buddhism teaches that the cultivation of compassion must begin with oneself. This is the profound truth, for no one who hates or despises himself consciously or unconsciously can feel true loving-kindness for others. For each one of us the self is the closest entity and if one’s approach towards oneself is not a wholesome one, the spring of love is poisoned at its source.

This means that while being fully aware of your faults and weaknesses, you should not criticize, but determine to improve yourself and build the confidence in your ability to do so.


Buddhist meditation practices have several mantras that can help to achieve a state of inner peace and calm.

Mantras are words when repeated possess certain vibrations that can help in keeping your body and mind clean. Chanting of mantras gives inner peace and calm. It can also lead to enlightenment.

The word ‘Om’ is the universal sound in which the entire cosmic manifestation occurs. ‘Shanti’ in Sanskrit means peace. It is the state of mental, physical and spiritual bliss that leads to peace and calm enabling you to have a clear perception. Chanting ‘Om shanti, shanti, shanti’ aids to ‘bring peace to this world’.

Meaning of the mantra is –
Om – AUM – represents the infinite consciousness
Shanti – peace, tranquil, calm

In this mantra, Shanti is repeated thrice as it represents the three fold path to peace. Peace from within, without and peace around us. Chanting this mantra will help you to unify body, mind and speech to attain inner peace and harmony.

shanti 2

Even when there are activities around us that are not tranquil, chanting ‘om shanti, shanti, shanti’ will help you to remain calm from within and be unmindful of your surroundings.

A mind that is at peace will seek peace from the outside world too.

This is the path towards enlightenment. Buddhist meditation teaches you to be mindful of your surroundings yet strive towards achieving inner peace and harmony.

Chanting of mantras on a daily basis removes negativity from the person as well as your dwelling. Attaining peace within you is the first step towards nirvana/ salvation.

If your mind is constantly agitated and in conflict, how will you be able to solve outside issues? To attain peace in your life, you first need to find peace within you. By chanting ‘om shanti, shanti, shanti’ you can attain peace and calming of mind. It aids in focus and concentration.

This mantra can be chanted alone or along with other mantras, as this is an important mantra to be included in your daily ritual.