Om Shanti Shanti Shanti – The Ideal Mantra for Alleviation of Inner Turmoil

Ideal Mantra Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti is a meditation mantra that promotes peace and spiritual upliftment. If you desire to obtain ultimate bliss and relive yourself of stress by increasing harmony with the universe, then this prayer is surely your answer.

Om (Aum)

Om, or Aum is a Sanskrit word that is considered to be a sacred sound, one that has played a pivotal role in the inception of the universe. As a major spiritual icon of Indian traditions, it’s also a famous mantra in Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism, Aum is the most essential of all spiritual symbols. It refers to the soul, or inner self (Atman) and the ultimate reality or supreme spirit of the universe (Brahman). Also known as, pranava and omkara, this syllable is a spiritual incantation said before and during meditation, and recitation of spiritual sayings, during private prayers, and in certain ceremonies specific to rites of passages such as weddings. In the Buddhist tradition, Om is not only the universal sound, rather it is the sound of universe itself.

The ‘Om’ sound symbolizes reality. It represents the present, past, and future times, and everything else in the Universe. It’s meaning is rather difficult to perceive, though with sufficient recitation, you will eventually get a clearer revelation of its implication. Om is known to represent the mundane reality of the world, in which our mind is programmed to function. It also refers to the alternate meaning of the world that can be perceived by the mind only when it’s awakened and restful. Thus, Om represents a timeless, eternal reality, where worldly sufferings do not matter, as the mind is totally at peace irrespective of the chaos and confusion of the universe. It refers to both enlightenment, as well as non-enlightenment.

Om is a powerful word that can lead you from the unreal, transitory feeling of worldly existence to the eternal reality of the Higher Self. Additionally, it leads you from the gloom of ignorance to the glow of spiritual knowledge. It can also lead you from the fear of mortality to knowledge of immortality.

Shanti (Śnti)

The word ‘Shanti’ essentially means ‘peace’ in Sanskrit. According to the Vedas, true peace occurs when the mind is free of stress, and also when it does not dwell in the material realm. That is when the mind and the body are ready to attain salvation. The reason why we chant ‘Shanti’ thrice is because there are three lokas (realms), namely bhu (earth), bhuvar(hell, and savha (swarga). Reciting it thrice harmonizes the three lokas, and enables you to make peace with all these three worlds. The lokas are said to represent our mental states which have to be made peaceful and still, without even fleeting thoughts or worries. Only this can help you to gain moksha (salvation), which is, in essence, the ultimate goal of every living being on planet Earth.

Hindu teachings typically conclude with reciting the words Om shanti shanti shanti in order to invoke peace. In Buddhism too, the mantra is used to end certain Buddhist devotional ceremonies. By chanting this threefold mantra, you seek to make peace with every thing, as well as with your inner being. This way, you never have to search for peace outside. Needless to say, peace making is a prerequisite to worship.

Om Shanti… Shanti… Shanti…

Om Shanti Mantra is a peace Mantra, in essence. So, when you recite it, you have to chant Shanti thrice. Every time you say Shanti, you experience a unique sense of bliss that comes from getting released from all kinds of anguish and worldly pain. You are blessed with a eternal feeling of harmony and happiness.

  • When you chant Shanti for the first time, you attain freedom from physical pains and bodily discomfort. Pent-up negative energy locked in your mind, and fear regarding impending old age, and inevitable mortality are all stopped. Additionally, you get to break free from the shackles of tension resulting from debilitating bodily sufferings, illnesses or disabilities.
  • When you chant Shanti for the second time, you spiritual burdens become lighter. All feelings of frustration, stress, jealousy, hatred and worries are removed, and your mind is purged, and cleansed. Now, you are just one step closer towards atoning for your sins and past deeds.
  • When you chant Shanti for the third time, you attain divine protection from unforeseen accidents and natural catastrophes. You will become safe from calamities like flood, earthquakes, snake bites, as well as other untoward, life-threatening accidents.

Therefore, the first Shanti chant purges your body, the second Shanti chant cleanses your mind and soul together, and the final Shanti chant safeguards you from all kinds of unforeseen disasters, coincidences and manmade hazards.