Prajna means wisdom and paramita means to cross over/ go beyond. Prajnaparamita in Sanskrit means heart. This is the heart mantra that can help to cleanse the body and mind to reach a higher plane of consciousness. It also helps to realize the purpose of your existence. The mantra can be interpreted as meaning ‘don’t look for peace outside. Look within yourself to find peace’.

The mantra is one of the most popular Buddhist mantra.

The Mahayana sect of Buddhism believed in the perfection of wisdom. It is the clearest mantra that can remove all sufferings and help you move towards the road to salvation. The physical body is nothing more than emptiness.


This powerful mantra helps to surpass the journey called life and move towards the cosmic world for absolute bliss and tranquility. Since this is the heart mantra it is also believed that if you follow your heart then you’re sure to find salvation.


The literal meaning of this mantra is ‘gone, gone, gone beyond, gone utterly beyond, enlightenment hail’.
Another meaning is – Don’t seek Outside, Refuge in Yourself, Discover Yourself

This mantra dates back to 600 CE. It is one of the oldest mantras that have been translated into various languages including English. The mantra states that the five senses and the body are emptiness without the soul and in emptiness there is no form, no sensation, no attainment and no non attainment. It passes beyond all exasperations and suffering.

Avalokiteswara bodhisattva realised while performing Vipassana meditation that the five skandas are completely empty.

Vipassana bhavana is apprehension of the three signs of self-being, which are anicca, dukkha, and anatta, which means, impermanence, suffering and non-self or the state of non-ego.
Vipashyana is clear seeing or singular insight that involves perceptive recognition of suffering, impermanence, and egolessness.


Prajnaparamita-mantra 2

He recognized that there is no eye, ear, nose, tongue or touch; no colors, taste, smell or sound. There is no end to old age or death or existence. There is also no suffering, cause or passing away. The heart is free without any obstruction and where there is no obstruction; there is no fear, and that is the stage of nirvana.

All the Buddha’s relied upon this powerful mantra, the supreme of all mantras to attain nirvana. This mantra is unparalleled as it helps to realize that there is no emptiness.
Chant the mantra to attain salvation. Let it take you to the other shore. Repeat the mantra to yourself. You can chant in a musical way or just as a verse. Repetition will help the mantra to get embedded into your subconscious mind and it’ll become a part of you.

You’ll see that you’ve also become a part of the mantra. While chanting this most powerful mantra, understand the various meanings mentioned above see them all blend together. You’ll soon see the emergence of a pure understanding.

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