Rahu: know how he affects our life?


Find Out How Rahu Can Bring
About Twists and Turns in our Life

Do you want to know how Rahu affects our lives? We usually believe that he is only dangerous to us, but that is not true.

I can tell you that the good and bad changes caused by him can be very interesting to learn about.

However, who is Rahu? Let me tell you. He is the mischievous and powerful child of Maya (illusion). His magical power can turn your life into the wheel of fortune.

Whether it is success or failure, it is only his luck that can affect you.

His Characteristics-

  • He is the hidden or shadow planet known as “Chhaya Graha.”
  • He looks like a fat, old and scary shadow with a black/blue/smoke-coloured body.
  • He is the lord of the blue expanse of the sky.
  • He is profound, mysterious, secretive and enjoys all shadowy and questionable activities.
  • He is a materialistic form of the Demon God.
  • He is also the lord of creativity, imagination, and thinking capability of man.
  • He governs the head, arm, chin and nape of your body. He also controls your thoughts.
  • If he is malicious, he harms you with the illusion, laziness, lack of hygiene, delays and  life problems.
  • If he is feeling favourable towards you, the world will bow to you.
  • He tends to favour people of lower castes.

How does Rahu affect your life?

Typically, he rules magicians, thieves, prison inmates, snakes and those who live in isolated places. However, when this planet favours you, he will grant you great opportunities, fame and a successful public life as a celebrity, politician or social reformer.

The deciding factor of your career

If your birth chart is influenced by him, I can assure you of a great career as a mastermind planner, magician and an imaginative creator. These traits will help you in politics, justice, social welfare, mass communication, computers, research and science. It is the planet for creativity, inspiration and wish fulfilment, particularly in information technology.

He rules speculation, conspiracies, gambling, cheating and manipulation. He can negatively affect stocks and shares, real estate, property, trade, politics, black marketing and much more.

Health Related Problem

Adverse effects of Rahu can bring you acidity issues. Under the effect of Mars, you may have blood related problems that can be cured by his blessings. You should appease him by donating blood for charity (and not take money for it.) Many medical practitioners agree that health problems can be cured by understanding him in your birth chart.

Prediction: His impact in present times

Ancient Indian seers and mystics predicted that he would emerge as the strongest planet during Kalyug and reach a remarkable position of extreme power. He favours those of the lower caste, and it is quite noticeable how this sect is gaining influence in life. In the Indian context, this group enjoys opportunities in academic, professional and philanthropic settings.

He does not have any physical or visual existence but is still considered a planet. Indian seers have accorded him this status because of his magical influence on people’s lives. Astrologically, he is the negative planet but astronomically speaking, he is the place where the moon and the Sun’s paths intersect.



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