Enlighten Yourself With The Saraswati Mantra

Our ancient scriptures provide many Mantras that grant higher learning and wisdom to those who seek it.

The Saraswati Mantra, chanted in praise of Goddess Saraswati, will enable you to make the best of all your academic endeavors.

We all know how education can impact lives and ensure success and dignity for a person.

Do you feel like you (or your children) are stuck, unable to progress or improve your education and learning? If you have lost hope and do not see any other way in which you could succeed, or your child has bad grades and no interest in school, do not worry. This Mantra can help you solve these problems.

In Hindu Mythology, Goddess Saraswati is revered and worshipped as the patron of learning, knowledge and wisdom.

She graciously showers blessings on all those who pray to her with utmost devotion and respect.

Most Effective Saraswati Mantra for Success in Education

The Saraswati Mantra is often chanted by people before examinations or job interviews for good luck.

The following Mantra is very simple, and even young children (3-4 years old) can master it easily! This Saraswati Mantra is very rhythmic to pronounce and easy to memorize. You should chant this Mantra before beginning your studies.

Many students and working professionals find this chant indispensable and have made it a part of their daily routine as it allows them to focus and reap bountiful results.

simple, rhythmic to pronounce and easy to memorize

understand traslation and meaning of this mantra

Succeed in Interviews!

You are sure to go through interviews successfully if you chant the Mantra regularly with utmost sincerity. This Mantra is so powerful that it has the ability to clear all obstacles from your path and might even give you the edge over all your competitors! You will find your career prospects broadened, and Goddess Saraswati will guide you towards success in education or in finding a job that makes you happy and fulfilled. The chances of you being promoted at work are also made greater as you should experience increasing luck from your mantra chanting.

Praying to this Goddess will enable you to make more informed career choices. This is especially important when you are stuck at a professional crossroads and are not sure how to proceed. Maybe you feel that you have two good options, but are not sure which will lead you on to a better path. These are times where it is even more important to seek out the guidance of Goddess Saraswati and use your prayers to help you decide.

Succeed in Interviews easily

Recommended Regimen To Follow For The Saraswati Mantra

  • As with most Hindu Mantras, these prayers are most effective when performed in a specific way.
  • Try to be as consistent with your prayers as possible. These are not “quick fix” techniques, and they are not designed to be chanted just once. Make sure that you are fully committed to your mantras and are willing to say them as often as possible.
  • Set up a regular time for chanting these prayers. At this fixed time, spread out a white cloth and sit calmly. Following a routine will relax your mind and make your mind more receptive to positive energy.
  • You should use only a Sphatik rosary.
  • You should first honour the rosary with kesar, agarbatti and a lamp with pure cow ghee.
  • Chanting for 11 days is recommended to produce the desired results.
  • Wear the Sphatik rosary around your neck when you appear for interviews or will be signing important business contracts.
  • It should be noted that there are many different varieties of the Saraswati Mantra. You do not only have to use the ones listed on this website. You can find more here.

Encourage Your Child To Be More Interested In Studies

Encourage your child to be more interested in studies

Slow learners and children uninterested in studies show tremendous improvement when introduced to this mantra as it improves their memory, and reading/writing skills. 

Children are eager to go to school and their attendance improves. Grades also steadily improve when children regularly chant this mantra.For you, all your friends and family who wish to use this magical mantra, here are some instructions:-

  • Begin chanting the mantra on an auspicious day.
  • When praying, sit on a white cloth, and face the North.
  • Use the Saraswati yantra and honey.
  • Parents may chant the mantra on the child’s behalf.
  • First, worship the Saraswati yantra with flowers.
  • Then immerse it in honey.
  • Use the sphatik rosary and chant 11 rounds of the Saraswati Mantra.
  • Employ full devotion and concentration when chanting the mantra.
  • Once you complete the chanting, take some honey with the tip of your ring finger and trace the Sanskrit letter ”ऐ” on your child’s tongue.
  • The next day, immerse the yantra and rosary in a river or pond.

Ensure The Following Precautions Are Taken And You Will Reap The Maximum Benefits

  • You should be completely dedicated and restrained when chanting the mantra.
  • Do try and understand the meaning of the mantra before chanting it. This point is crucial. Very often, people will try to chant these prayers without any mindfulness, and then they are surprised why they see no results! Use all your focus when praying. These are not just meaningless words, you are praying to one of the sacred Goddesses in Hinduism. You must ensure that you fully understand what you are saying and why you are praying for assistance. This is the only way that you can hope to achieve wisdom and good fortune from this Mantra.
  • Mechanically repeating the words will bring you no benefits, and will be futile.
  • To make sure that Goddess Saraswati blesses you with her infinite grace, surrender to her power and chant the mantras with utmost devotion.

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