Shani Dev: How is he good for you?

Shani Mantra Guide
By E. A. Rodrigues - Public Domain, Link

How can Shani Dev Change Your Life Suddenly?

Namaste friends! Before we find out the effect of Shani Dev on your life, let’s find out who he is. He is shudra by caste, or the servant of the planets.

We all afraid to him because he Known as applicator of your deed or Karaka planet responsible for reaping our good and bad actions (karma) under the laws of karma

Shani, or the beautiful planet of Saturn, records every action, maintains a ledger and monitors your evil actions against humanity.

When you fail to help mankind with your power and wealth, in time you will be punish.

Characteristics of Saturn

  • By nature, he is apathetic, unkind, foolish and fierce with a Tamsik temperament.
  • He has a black, veiny body with red eyes, long nails and dirty nails.
  • He prefers black clothes.
  • His symbol is a cross with two semicircles hooked to the lower end, which represents the combination of matter and spirit.

The Good Effects of Shani Dev

  • If he is on your side, he gives you immense power and wealth.
  • When he blesses you, and you will be successful at machinery, furnace, leather, cement and wood business etc.
  • Have you been sick for many years? With the benevolent power of the deva, you will overcome prolonged illness and live a happy, healthy life.
  • You will gain fame and favours from the government.
  • You will have a luxurious, glorious life in academics, personal and professional life.
  • You will gain material wealth, property, vehicles and ornaments.

Bad Effects of Shani Dev

Shani controls life, death, children, home, wealth, legal issues, theft and illness. He can bless you when favourable but can punish you hard when not favouring you.

  • He can turn gold into ashes.
  • You face many struggles in life.
  • You may lose material wealth, assets, and material possessions or be imprison.
  • You may start drinking, gambling, lying or indulging in other vices.
  • You may be injured, poisoned, separated from the father or other family trouble.

A harmful Saturn in your birth chart can cause poverty, misfortune, death, delays, chronic disease, old age or laborious work. The planet Saturn rules knees, feet, mind, bone-marrow, ribs, hair, nails and the secretion system. You may have problems like rheumatism, arthritis, asthma, gout, impotency, and tuberculosis.

His role in our life

Remember that nothing is permanent – as soon as you become possessive of your wealth and power, you will catch his attention and lose it all in his shadow. You should never become selfish or socially-minded but share it with charity. He is pleased when you donate to the poor, orphaned and disabled.

Contribute your wealth to community development, or share your knowledge. Failure to do so mean you will punish. When you severely abuse your power, you will surely be hit hard. If not, you are brought back in line gently.



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