What is the Shivopasana Mantra?

Lord Shiva is one of the trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). Where Brahma is creator, Vishnu is protector and Shiva is destroyer. Destroyer means one who terminates life and leads towards salvation.

Shiva is also considered as most generous GOD and most of the times called as ‘Bhola Sambhu’ by devotees. Apart from salvation, he even glorifies his devotees by giving them boon in the form of a enormous name, fame and money. 

“So people observing devotion in facets of life worship Lord Shiva and Shivopasana is a form of worship where Lord Shiva is worshiped.

Worship offered to lord Shiva throughout shravan month is also called as Shivopasana.

If the worship is performed during this month, double the amount of benefit is casted on the devotees.”

You should Offer raw milk, bael leaves, white fruit bhasma, water is made while chanting shivopasana mantra.

Now it is time to know this mantra

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When and how is the upasana (worship) performed?

Upasana is basically performed during Sharavan month of Hindu calendar. Even Maagh month is consider as month of Shiva, so shivopasana is also carried out in Maagh.

The most auspicious day for worship of Shiva is considered as Maha Shivratri which comes in the month of Sharavan.

In Hindus any puja or upasana is performed by offering dhup(incense), deep(lamp of ghee), naivadh(prasadam may be a piece of jiggery).

First light a lamp, then chant the Shivopasana hymn while offering water on the Lord Shiva Linga that will be Abhisekam to Lord Shiva.

Afterwards you can offer fruits, dry, fruits, jaggery etc. and then give aarati that will complete your puja.

You should worship continuously for 40 days leading to upasana of Lord Shiva.

The purpose of this Mantra

The first question you might have in your mind is, in which form you use the Shivopasana mantra for worship, for abhishek or as aarti.

Since upasana is done in all forms of worshipping GOD, so it can be used as mantra, abhishek and aarti. You can use this mantra for worshiping Lord Shiva.

Can a lay practitioners use  Shivopasana mantra?

Lord Shiva is known as ‘Bholenath’, Lord of generosity. He values feelings of his bhakts(devotees) dedication to GOD is above all puja and worships.

Lord shiva is said to be a GOD who is very easy to please so these puja can be performed by anyone.

At the same time lord Shiva is known as god of Sanhaar (destroyer), one who puts an end to physical life or materialism, so caution is required to perform this puja.

Devotees mind and body should be very clear of thoughts and negativity. If the devotee is thinking of upasana for the harm of others than he should be ready for his own harm.

Cautions and prohibitions

  • Ladies should always follow monthly cycle and restrain from performing any upasana.
  • Even a family where a lady is passing through such period should refrain from performing upasana.
  • Once again perfect pronunciation is must of Shivopasana mantra
  • The place where puja is to be performed should be made pavitra (sanctum) with ganga jal (Holy water) or regular water.
  • Incense should be burning with a lamp of ghee.
  • Mantra jaap should be done in counts of 7, 9, 11 or 108 times.

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