Why Should You Chant the Surya Mantra?
(Sun Mantra)

Those who are new to the exciting and mysterious world of Mantras may be confused about which Mantra to chant. There is a wide variety of mantras to choose from.

Each Mantra has its own special power and grants particular blessings, so your personal needs should help you decide which mantras to chant.

If you are an ambitious student with big plans for your future, I would suggest the Surya Mantra (Sun Mantra) for you. All our human efforts are realised thanks to the grace of God.

Here is a brief introduction to the Sun Mantra, which blesses you with success in all aspects of life.

The Surya Mantra is chanted in praise of the Sun God. He is the “pratyakshadaivam” – the only God visible to us every day. Lord Surya is “Karma Sakshi”, who has eternal wisdom. He is the Source of all life, and it is because of him that life exists. Thanks to the energy from his rays, life on Earth is sustained.

According to the Scriptures, Lord Rama prayed to Surya for strength and a victory before battling Ravana. Lord Surya is believed to grant intelligence, confidence, good health, courage, strength, leadership qualities, independence, fame, success, power and many more boons to his devotees.

As you chant the Surya Mantra with dedication, you will see following positive changes:

  • You will be energized and feel more connected to Lord Surya.
  • He has the power to grant you perfect health, great prosperity and fame.
  • Surya hymn can improve your eyesight and remove eye-related diseases.
  • You can bask in the divine grace of the Sun God.
  • The brightness of the Sun grants you knowledge and the power to work fast.
  • You develop the physical and mental endurance required to overcome all of life’s obstacles.
  • Worshiping the Sun God makes you fearless and more heroic.
  • You find yourself becoming more philanthropic.
  • The negative thoughts of ego, anger, greed, desire and treachery are cleansed from your mind.

If you desire fame, prosperity and success, chant the Surya Gayatri Mantra:

Main Surya mantra

When chanted every day with full concentration, the Suya Gayatri Mantra produces positive energy and divine blessings from the Sun God. It purifies your mind, strengthens your body and uplifts you spiritually. This Mantra removes all the harmful effects of the planet Sun in your zodiac horoscope.

April 12th to 23rd is most auspicious for Sun Worship, so do try to spend more time chanting the Mantra during this period.

Whether or not you derive maximum benefits from the Surya Gayatri Mantra depends on how well you stick to the Guidelines for this Mantra to be effective:

  • You must have complete faith in the divine power of this prayer.
  • Focus on the Ajna Chakra as you chant this prayer with full devotion.
  • Always nurture positive thoughts – if you pray for success but think of failure, your prayers will not be answered.

Video for this Surya Gayatri Mantra:

Follow this Procedure:

  • Sundays are most auspicious for the worship of Lord Surya, so try to start chanting on this day.
  • You must always begin your prayer before sunrise.
  • You should pray with incense and fresh flowers.
  • Chant at least 6 rosary counts of the Surya Mantra for 41 days for best results.
  • You should adopt the practice of fasting on Sundays

With these rules in mind, you can begin the journey towards uncovering your inner beauty and power. Regularly chanting the Surya Mantra will fulfill all your aspirations.


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