To recover from a problematic situation in life.


I want to recover from a problematic situation in my life which are I face in my day to day life. I have been facing so much problem in my life in last five years like spiritual problem, family problem means disturbance with my wife, children, mother and everywhere also in my office.

One day I was attacked by bana from tantrik in one aamabasya night in two years ago. One day I think a spirit was made me tension and take me away from my house at night at 1 AM in make me tension. Also, my child is all negativeness always, my wife also they not listen my words always told opposite of my think or word.
Thanking you

Your Solution From Durga Mantra

“Om Hreeng Dung Durgaayai Namah”

• This Mantra is useful when your mind is in fear it will give immediate relief! It saves you and provides protection to your loved ones. Mainly it is helpful in acquiring salvation that is mainly the aim of our life.

• Nevertheless, this Mantra has the power to help you succeed in all areas of your material life, be it passing in the exam, getting right soul mate, good jobs, good progeny, children’s.

• This Mantra can make you very peaceful, thus helping you in becoming more aware.

• It can also help deal with a lot of diseases. It is considered most useful and confidential Mantra.

• You just name your wish, and it has the power to fulfill it! Only thing is you need to chant it with faith and make a practice to chant every day. That is what needed from your side.

My personally loved Mantra from all these mantras is-

Sarva Mangal Maangalye, Shive Sarvaartha saadhike
Sharanye Tryambake Gauri, Narayani Namostute

I love this Mantra, and its recitation starts automatically as I feel a kind of positive energy surrounding me, high positive vibrations in the air around and how melodious it is to sing it in simple notes.

Even its meaning is as beautiful as it sounds.

We salute auspicious (mangal) of all (sarva) auspiciousness (mangalye) around
Part of lord shiva (Shive) you can accomplish (saadhike) all (sarva) worldly objectives (artha).

I bow down to the feet (sharanye) of the mother of three world (tryambake), to goddess, who is ray of light in all lives (gauri). We bow down to consort of god narayan with all our being

Benefits of Mantra

This Mantra is chanted to bring all round happiness, austerity auspicious to oneself as well as the place where a chanter is residing.

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