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Hello! I welcome you to the mystical and fascinating world of spirituality. I will be your guide and constant support through your spiritual journey. Let me first tell you a little about the ancient Vedic tradition of chanting verses that honour our Gods. These spiritual chants are called Mantras.

“Mananaat Traayate Iti Mantrah” best captures the meaning of this tradition. It translates to “that, which uplifts through constant repetition, is a Mantra”.

There are four Vedas, and each Veda contains sacred chants that praise different deities of the Hindu pantheon.

I know what you must be thinking- why should YOU chant these Mantras? What can these Mantras do for you? To answer this, let me introduce you to the limitless power of these Vedic Mantras.

How Powerful are the Vedic Mantras?

  • These Mantras are sound that are based on, and aim to boost energy.
  • These
    Mantras awaken and energize your body’s natural healing mechanisms. They unlock the secret and sacred inner pathways that lead you to eternal happiness and wellbeing.
  • Chanting Vedic Mantras
    diligently, systematically with full concentration will lead you to a state of complete positive energy, and this will allow your body to regain its natural state.
  • Your mind is calm and blood pressure lowered.
  • You are free from unnecessary tension and anxiety.
  • You are awarded with renewed focus towards life.
  • Chanting these Mantras allows you to reconnect with the spiritual world from which you emerged.
  • Vedic chants will channel your efforts towards the correct spiritual frequencies and energies.
  • You are shielded from negative energies that may try to poison your daily life.
  • You achieve inner peace and a healthier, well-balanced perception of life.
  • Ailments, both physical and mental, can be alleviated with Vedic Hymns.
    • These Vedic chants are known to shower good health, prosperity, luck and divine blessings when the right mantra is invoked and chanted carefully in the right way.

I have compiled a list of Three Mantras that have general as well as specific benefits. You may chant one or all of these mantras and include them in your daily prayers.

What Changes Will the Mantras Bring In You?

When you chant these Mantras you will begin to feel different, and notice positive changes within yourself. These changes could include the following:

  • You find yourself to be more emotionally stable.
  • You notice an increase in self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.
  • You find it easier to be loving and caring towards your family and friends.
  • You have more clarity of thought and mental focus. Logic, reasoning and analytical abilities are all sharpened and more effective.
  • You become a better person – you are significantly more altruistic, loyal, spiritual and respectful.
  • Your intuition, imagination, creativity and wisdom are boosted.
  • You find yourself surrounded by joy, love and inner peace.
  • Your health also dramatically improves and these Vedic Mantras cleanse your endocrine system.


While you stand to reap many benefits from chanting Vedic chants, you should also make sure that you take the following precautions to ward off negative effects:-

  • Do not be over-enthusiastic and take on more than you can handle.
  • Do not attempt to alter or change these mantras by adding your own ideas.
  • Chant the prayers as prescribed: do not overdo the chants.
  • Vedic chants are extremely powerful and will yield positive results only when chanted in the right way.
  • Begin slowly, with lower counts, and build up your prayers over time.
  •  Practice with the constant guidance and support of an expert.

You are now at the threshold of the mystical, powerful and enriching world of Vedic Prayers and Mantras. May you step in, find the chants best for you, and reap the unlimited benefits of these ancient scriptures!

Powerful Vedic Mantras:

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