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What is a Mantra? Here is a Simple Explanation!

For many centuries, the ancient sages of India have known about the great power of Mantras. They studied this secret science, and were blessed with physical prowess, mental strength and spiritual purity.

You will find yourself becoming calmer, more powerful and closer to God.

Are you wondering if this ancient knowledge is lost?

I’m sure you want to know more about what is a Mantra. Not only that, I’m sure you are curious about this ancient science and how you can use it to change your life. Let me unlock the secrets of Mantra chants for you.

What is a Mantra?

A Mantra is a word or a phrase in the Sanskrit language that is associated with particular functions or benefits.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a Mantra as:

(Originally in Hinduism and Buddhism), a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

There are many different Mantras, and each of them has different powers and different effects. For example, some Mantras can put you in a deep sleep, while others can wake you up from it.

There are even some Mantras that can set things on fire! Many Mantras are devoted to calming the mind and bringing you closer to God.

Of course you must be wondering -do these Mantras exist, and if they do, can you use them? The answer is yes. However, we will not be discussing such prayers in this article. Today I want to tell you about what is a Mantra.

So, in the first example, the Mantra acts on a physical level, and in the second, it acts on a mental level. In the third example, the Mantra acts on the subconscious, and finally, the fourth example Mantra affects your soul.

Here, you will find yourself elevated to a higher level of spiritual awakening. You will gain divine wisdom and feel the presence of God. You will find yourself caring for and serving God and all his children.

What Mantras Should I Chant?

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Effect of Mantras

There are many theories about which Mantras you should chant for a specific problem, and how these Mantras help you resolve issues. Here, we will talk about the effect of Mantras on your body, mind and soul.

If you chant mantras to help you heal physical wounds, the power of the Mantra will heal your physical body, but not have any effect on your soul. It will heal you only from the outside, just like medicines or ointments would. Mantras that heal your physical self have no spiritual healing power.

However, our soul affects our mind, emotions and physical well-being. If you chant a Mantra to uplift your spiritual existence, its healing power will penetrate through not just your soul but also your mind and body.

A prayer that heals our outer circle cannot enter you and affect your mind or soul, but a prayer that heals you from the inside will affect your outer circles as well.

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